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  1. Stinky Stanky

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Need to line up Katz's halo with a plumb bob. Or postpone the beatification.
  2. Stinky Stanky

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    I'm older than you are and I remember them passing on Walt Frazier for Clem Haskins because Clem was a better shooter. So the stupidity's not a new thing.
  3. Stinky Stanky

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Cam Payne still shooting three's sideways and hit 2 for 2 in the game!
  4. Stinky Stanky

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    All hail to Giannis, but the story of this one is the PHX scorers wet themselves, as did the Bucks except for Giannis and Khris. Great game for one where nobody could score from distance. So it came down to MVP taking it to the hoop and making free throws. An old fashioned game. And a minor hug to Chris Paul, whom we've been calling too old for years, but produced in the clutch. If he'd had some help... Who knows?
  5. Stinky Stanky

    White Sox Winner !!

    Wondering. What's Tim not doing after those home runs? TLR get to him or Tim got older and wiser?
  6. Stinky Stanky

    Yoan Moncada should volunteer to play 2b this year

    Saved the best post for last. He was never as bad at 2B as you all think you remember and he's a member of a team with WS ambitions whose needs come before his personal whims. His comfort at 3B is more likely the result of maturation than anything else. I want to see Burger going long here for years, not on the highlights from godknowswhere. And thanks for knowing the difference between flak and flack.
  7. Stinky Stanky

    Joc Pederson to Braves

    Easy to forget something that didn't happen. He grew as a player on both sides of the ball, but he was never bad at 2B.
  8. Stinky Stanky

    White Sox power outage

    Eight games up: If it isn't broke, fix it 'til it is. Works for me.
  9. At least they got value for Narvaez and replaced him easily. The others? Hurts to think about it.
  10. Stinky Stanky

    Engel back, Eaton DFA

    They're paying Eaton either way, so the $$ can't matter. I'm shocked at the move "irregardless."
  11. Stinky Stanky

    All-time Soxtalk Whipping Boy

    Of course he was. All I was saying is that he never became a whipping boy, like all the other owners did.
  12. Stinky Stanky

    All-time Soxtalk Whipping Boy

    Most of us understand what a whipping boy is. (he who gets blamed for everything) That's good. I nominate any and all owners, especially the current one, with the exception of Bill Veeck.
  13. Stinky Stanky


    He's not David Wells, but he's got a gut on him.
  14. Stinky Stanky

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    This bulljive is twice as fast as Colome's.
  15. Stinky Stanky

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    Got away with it. Nice pitch but needs to be used as a bait pitch, not centered. When he's all 4 seamers, like in April, they're looking for it and hit it. I guess Burr moves up on the pecking order. Or did everyone else move down?