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  1. Snopek

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Minnesota or Cleveland can win the division. One has a solid lineup, the other has solid pitching. I think the Sox are still the team to beat, injuries and all, but all three teams have legit flaws. It’s not like the Sox have shown their dominance over Cleveland in head to head matchups.
  2. Snopek

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    What’s the obsession with choosing the division winner in early May?
  3. Snopek

    TA7 Isn't going to let the ship sink

    Minnesota looks like they might be a pile of garbage the same way Abreu and Grandal look like they might be a pile of garbage. It’s early.
  4. Just so I’m understanding correctly, you’re saying the Eloy injury has not impacted the Sox?
  5. Snopek

    The Say Sorry to Rick Hahn Thread

    Sorry we doubted the depth, Rick.
  6. Snopek


    It really does feel like something that’s increased the past several years. Not sure if it’s social media and/or the “hot take” culture, but it seems people have less interest in nuance these days. You must have a strong, definitive opinion on everything and you must shout it at people ASAP.
  7. Snopek

    Tigers @ Sox

    Busty? Sure, Mize and Skubal have looked bad, but they each have roughly 50 total IP in the majors. Plenty of time for them to make adjustments and grow. Matt Manning lurks as well. The position player side is indeed ugly, though.
  8. Snopek

    Sox @ Cleveland

    Oh I’m not advocating anything other than patience with him. He needed to work through it and make adjustments, and it appears he has. But the fact is, he had an awful approach for a decent stretch of games. Just like José did. Just like Yoan did (does?). Stringing together some good games does not automatically erase the fact that he had a terrible approach. Just like having a terrible approach does not automatically mean he won’t make adjustments.
  9. Snopek

    Sox @ Cleveland

    Because for awhile there it wasn’t...?
  10. Snopek

    4/17 GT: Sox vs Sahx, 3:05 PM CST

    Musgrove was acquired in the Cole trade, so I don’t think they’d have both, but your larger point remains. I’ve been thinking about that alternate timeline Pirates rotation lately. Looking forward to Mitch Keller’s Cy Young candidacy in a couple years when he’s shipped elsewhere.
  11. I’m legit surprised that Lamb isn’t hitting higher in the lineup. That’s where the bar is right now for lineup logic. Good times.
  12. Snopek

    2021 BOLD predictions thread

    Your severe aversion to pessimistic comments on an Internet message board is quite odd, but I’ll refrain from speculating on whether you’re “crazy or severely damaged” because it’s none of my business.
  13. Snopek

    2021 BOLD predictions thread

    Madrigal wins the AL batting title rather easily. Eloy homers in his first game back, only to go back on the IL that same day. Dunning outperforms Lynn. Eaton outperforms Springer.
  14. Any of you guys like home runs? I like home runs.