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  1. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Your sarcasm would be funny if you would be consistent and call out every other post here with grammar and spelling mistakes, which is many. I personally don't give a crap when someone makes a mistake in choice of words. I stick to the content for my replies and you should too.
  2. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    That's fine, just make sure he does it for every single post here going forward.
  3. "The Kids Can Play"

    5/14: Kansas City @ Chicago White Sox - Game 1 of DH 2:10 PM CDT

    You are joking right? Has to be in the lineup? Why?
  4. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    My bad, I should have checked my words better before sending, which I normally do. Thanks for being the designated English teacher here on the forum. We greatly appreciate your support to the community. I sure hope you never post something where you make an accidental grammar or spelling mistake. I'm sure that has never happened to you! I'm curious though, do you reply to all the posts here with grammar and spelling mistakes? I have seen a ton of them on here and not sure if you replied to every single one of them. LOL. Like most here, I thought we were to reply to the content of the post.🙄
  5. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    It's a mute point so let's move on. It is what it is with Jerry. He has always been an pompous and buffoon owner for both his clubs. TLR is here and that isn't changing....unless he gets another DUI! lol The good news is, we can win the World Series this year whether his lame ass manages this team or not...the team is that great.
  6. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    I'm not being picky. Owners don't override GM's Name me the owners in MLB right now who went over their GM and chose their current manager besides Jerry.
  7. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    The Glazer brothers are not worse than Reinsdorf. Tampa just won their 2nd Super Bowl and all 22 starters coming back. Plus they were smart enough to buy Manchester United which is worth a lot more money than the Bulls or Sox. Btw, those were all football owners. Also, not sure why the McCaskey's were not on that list.
  8. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    First, In my comment I had the word usually before never. Of course there are always stupid owners who can make stupid decisions. Secondly, as far as Hahn being fired. Of course Jerry could fire Hahn. However as senile and clueless as Reinsdorf is, I don't think he would dare fire Hahn. The bigger worry is will some other sharp owner make an offer to steal Hahn away. Ricketts did it with Theo and the Dodgers owners (Guggenheim Management group) did it with Andrew Friedman from Tampa. Owners can do what they want. It doesn't mean they don't follow normal best practices of running an organization.
  9. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Terrible and ignorant analogies. Al Davis and Jerry Jones never had a GM under them. Jerry still doesn't. Once George Steinbrenner hired Brian Cashman in 1998, he and his sons now, have never stepped in to tell Cashman who to hire as manager.
  10. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Since when can't a fan be ecstatic with this White Sox amazing run and success, as well as be unhappy because of the manager. I am not nitpicking and I don't think as you claim....I know the Sox are winning in spite of TLR. My harsh feelings for TLR are not prejudicial. My criticism for TLR as a "hater" is based on the fact he was forced onto the team by the pompous owner, which is usually never done in any of the four sports. Owners own and collect the money and GM's//VP's make executive decisions who should manage the club and who should be on the field. This team is winning not because of TLR, but because of the awesome rebuild Rick Hahn has done putting this team together. It's because the players he brought here are jelling together, having fun and establishing a championship winning culture. I understand we're suck with TLR and that won't change sadly. That doesn't mean we cant be a critic of him and still love our Sox players and success!
  11. "The Kids Can Play"

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Same, couldn't agree with you more!
  12. "The Kids Can Play"

    5/13: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    Lynn before the game 🙄😱😞😩 Thanks Tony, you gave the past four starters 9, 9, 9, 13 runs! Thank you Tony, may I have another!!
  13. "The Kids Can Play"

    5/13: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    That was pretty funny! 🤣
  14. "The Kids Can Play"

    Marshall Needs To Be Sent Down

    Why was Marshall even inserted as first reliver up, when he is struggling constantly this year? Marshall doesn't have the pitch arsenal to come in such a intense stressful inning with zero outs and men on base. He can't throw strikes, weak FB and no command of his secondary pitches. TLR has done this several times this year. Put him on 10 day DL and let him work his mechanics out at Schaumburg.
  15. "The Kids Can Play"

    White Sox Winner! RIP Piranhas!

    Usually when you try to post comedy/sarcasm online you usually should be creative enough so it's obvious when it's read, and/or add HA HA, LOL, or a smiley emoji.