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  1. "The Kids Can Play"

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/13 12:10 ct

    I know right...that's because TLR knows how valuable Leury is with his whopping .238 BA and more importantly his amazing and productive .299 OBP which is so critical for a leadoff hitter.
  2. "The Kids Can Play"

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

    That article was written only after his 3rd game at Charlotte. Of course the Sox medical staff was monitoring his progress, as they do with any rehab start for someone at triple A. However Engel played 4 more games in Charlotte without any setbacks and thus was deemed 100 percent ready to come back up. As that article stated, the medical staff told Engel he’s unlikely to reinjure himself even if he still experiences pain for a while. There shouldn’t be anything on the field he can’t do. This is nonsense Engel is being rested for a .244 hitter from Triple A, when in fact Engel is hot going 3-7 and 2 HR's in last two games. I also highly doubt Goodwin is a better CF defensively than Engel
  3. "The Kids Can Play"

    Madrigal goes on 60 day DL, Hamstring tear: Goodwin recalled

    I think is good optimistic news. If we get Eloy and Robert back by late Aug, early Sept, we will be ok. Hopefully we get Nick back too. We play in the weakest division in baseball. As long as we don't lose any pitchers, we should be able to hang on to first place until we get them back.
  4. "The Kids Can Play"

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

    Where do you come up with these crazy assumptions? It has never been published anywhere by the Sox that Engel is playing under a 100 percent recovery. Here is a quote from Engel's Twitter feed after the game he took away the home run. "As far as being on the field, I feel about as 100 percent as I can be," Engel said before the game. "I don’t think that my hamstring — from a strength standpoint — I’m not going to be maxing a leg curl in the next couple weeks. But I’m able to run full speed and do everything I need to do on a baseball field, so I’m excited to play." Plus when did anyone say that Engel wouldn't being playing full time? What CF on this team is better than him or deserves more playing time?
  5. "The Kids Can Play"

    Will Hahn be more active this deadline?

    He was already going downhill last year with the Nationals, as he only hit .226 last year in the shortened '20 season.
  6. "The Kids Can Play"

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

    I agree Goodwin batting 2nd is a joke. However Engel looked good so far and he was starting to heat up going 3-7 the last 2 games with 2 HR's. It make no sense to rest him, unless he was injured and he isn't injured or hurting. If he was injured or hurting it would have been mentioned. I know he is coming off a bad hamstring injury, but the fact they took so long before bringing him back, means they made sure he was 100 percent healthy so they wouldn't have a setback.. Once Engel came back, he needed to play. My god, he only played 5 games.
  7. "The Kids Can Play"

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

    This is a joke! Why isn't Engel in CF? He has played a perfect CF defensively as we expected and has 2 HR's in 5 games. Goodwin was hitting .244 BA in Triple A Charlotte. Are you kidding me...this is insanely stupid. Oh I get it, he cant hit in Triple A, but hey don't worry, Goodwin will improve and hit much higher at the ML level. We didn't need a CF brought up...we needed a 2B brought up.
  8. "The Kids Can Play"

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    All your points are sadly true. The Tatis Jr crap is a joke and mostly fueled by jealous Cub fans. The fact is Tatis was a unproven at 17 years old when he was traded from the Sox in 2015. News flash to all non Sox fans...we had a shortstop already in Tim Anderson. I get so tired of Cubs fans saying they can't believe we traded away Tatis. Always be quick to remind our Cubs fans that their executive guru Theo Epstein traded away Dylan Cease and Eloy Jimenez to our Sox for Jose Quintana.
  9. "The Kids Can Play"


    Actually it's not hilarious at all, its called being optimistic and being a Sox fan. It's called looking at facts and the history of White Sox 2nd basemen in the last 30 years. Obviously you are in the negative contrarian club of wishing Madrigal fails to prove a point he is overrated apparently.
  10. "The Kids Can Play"


    Totally agree. I cant believe the people here always finding faults with him. Only one 2nd baseman hitting for a higher BA in MLB. Hitting .318 over last two seasons.
  11. "The Kids Can Play"

    Vaughn to IL, Sheets up

    Sheets should be in the lineup instead of Garcia or Eaton.
  12. Lynn definitely needs to be extended. He is not even close to be washed up at 34. Plus we gave up Dane Dunning to get Lynn. I know Dunning has been inconsistent this year for Texas, but hindsight is 20/20. At the time of the trade, Dunning was a hot pitching prospect and that's why Texas gave us Lynn. It's a dangerous move in giving up future good prospects for rental players, unless you plan on making a major effort in resigning them. Most importantly Hahn needs to resign Lynn because going forward next year, there are still question marks in our rotation with Cease, Rondon and Keuchel.
  13. "The Kids Can Play"

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    I'm just telling you what Spotrac has published. As I said previously I am not saying whether it is right or wrong. If you say it is 100% wrong and have some other site that says different....then post it. Go to Spotrac and check for yourself.
  14. "The Kids Can Play"

    Benetti to call Olympic baseball

    Actually Steve Stone is the key man in the booth. I will be fine with Kasper with Steve and no Jason. Jason's humor is getting old quickly.
  15. "The Kids Can Play"

    Benetti to call Olympic baseball

    I know what you meant and agreed with you. I should have started my post with I was bored too. Regardless of how talented Jason and Len are, they are not a match together.