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  1. 16 minutes ago, Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm said:

    I get it.

    What else is he supposed to say? "yea, we're horse s%*#, but we gotta fill out 162... you think we're gonna win another game ever?"

    If he wants another job, he better be more honest. Although he has admitted his own mistake, he’ll be better off not being political right now about the state of his team. If he just talks and acts like a simp, he’ll never be considered to lead a team.

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  2. 31 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

    My plan?  Sit around, do nothing, wait for baseball and complain about everything the entire winter.  Probably drink some beer while I am at it.

    it's really the only plan in the thread with a strong likelihood of happening

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  3. 3 hours ago, tray said:

    The Sox tried to win by constructing a line-up with a lot of power hitters. The offense failed , not because of that strategy, but rather, because the players that were signed up to hit home runs didn't hit enough of them or were out on the IL for numerous games.   You can't blame the Manager or coaches for not having players like Grandal, Pito, Zavala, Eloy, Sheets and Vaughn beat out grounders for singles or go from first to third on a hit. 

    That does not necessarily mean that the South Side Hitmen 2.0  strategy was wrong.  If you have 5-6 decent power hitters in a line-up and a few contact hitters,  you can score enough runs to beat teams like Cleveland. I'd try to double down on it next year by adding some bats like Colas and improving the pitching staff with a few arms.




    Colas is a rookie. Enough said. If that’s their idea of fixing the problem, we got a problem. That said, Andrus and Colas, maybe another pitcher, that’s going to be their plan. Because they are now stuck paying a bunch of dysfunction 

  4. 22 minutes ago, ScooterMcGuire said:

    And why do you think that is?

    Didn’t want to eat Kuechel’s salary, Tony made mistakes and put the team to sleep. Totally self inflicted and unnecessary. Despite the holes on the team, they could have been right there with a little common sense and reasonable behavior by a top organization 

  5. 8 hours ago, hi8is said:

    Or will he even get a chance to?

    You know, I don’t know. Usually Sox fans are kind of blasé, and this FO moves at a glacial pace because Jerry gives out jobs for life at both teams. But I can say I have never in my life seen this fanbase so angry. Jerry has to feed us at least one management body to keep the mob from storming the castle. If I had to guess, LaRussa goes (kicked upstairs?) since when Jerry does make a move, it is on the court or on the field. But Hahn stays.

  6. 1 minute ago, wegner said:

    Colas better be given a chance to start with the big club next season.  If he earns it in the Spring, bring him north.

    I would say that absent a big acquisition, he should be treated like a talented prospect that should begin his big league education. Spring Training shouldn’t determine the decision imo. As long as he looks strong enough to grow into his tools.

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  7. 19 minutes ago, CaliSoxFanViaSWside said:

    I agreed . I've been posting Free Colas for a while now when Robert got hurt and before that hoping he'd be here Sept. 1st to be eligible for the playoffs and if not then by Sept.15th before some of the big series started.

    It certainly wouldn’t be a case of a green kid getting scared by the experience. He's been around a little bit. Worst that could happen is that he begins to get a taste how to hit big league pitching before ST 2023. Team needed some new blood and a shakeup ffs. But Ill tell you what, I hope he never spends a minute in a  Tony LaRussa clubhouse being told to coast to first base. That’s one silver lining 

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