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  1. 12 hours ago, Harold's Leg Lift said:

    Their words not mine.  

    Certainly. My point is, “ Good team on paper” is something people will still say even as they fall short of the fallacy. Its time to face tge real quality of the core. It WAS a good team on paper. Everyone better drop that, even if accompanied by the qualifiers. Stop overrating them, it wont be fixed if the perception still endured that this is a good team on paper. That’s dead. Its a mediocre team on paper. 

  2. 1 hour ago, southsider2k5 said:

    I would rather get a real manager into town and really evaluate what is happening with this team.  There would be nothing worse than trading away someone like Eloy or Moncada for them to find real leadership somewhere else and get back to themselves. 

    This may be outrageous, but maybe break up the Cuban connection formula and be more *gasp* conventional? 

    After eons of simple ineptitude, this team has spent decades trying to avoid typical major league pathways to greatness.

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  3. 3 hours ago, ChiSox59 said:

    Continue to not understand this take at all. Yoan was absolutely awful the season; He has no value. Giving away one of the few guys on this team that actually plays defense and bats from the left side is hard for me to get behind. He’s one guy you just have to hope a new training and coaching staff is able to solve next season

    That’s a fine take if you don’t consider his salary. We have already seen the White Sox hit the invisible ceiling that prevented talent from this roster. This player is a major albatross now. If someone offered pennies on the dollar, take it. Its easy to find a hired glove at third base.

  4. 2 hours ago, The Kids Can Play said:

    You are absolutely right it starts with scouting, player evaluations and player development. Rick Hahn has screwed this part of the organization up big time.

    Tampa Bay has been one of the best in this respect for years. Since they don't have the money to spend and they play in a small market and small attendance park, they clearly understand the value of drafting and developing. You are right, drafting is tough, but it doesn't have to be a crapshoot. The good teams like Tampa seem to have an understanding of the type of player they need in their system. They seem to understand basic fundamental baseball in which TB knows the type of player they want that have good speed, fielding and plate presence. They obviously also understand this formula with pitchers. Once these drafted players enter Tampa's farm system, they seem to have the right coaches throughout their entire minor league system to develop these players into productive ML players to bring up over the future years to their big league team. Once these TB players become stars and before they reach free agency, they usually trade them away for more prospects to continue strengthening their farm system. 

    As we know TB plays in probably the toughest division in baseball year in and year out. Since 2008, TB Win-Loss record is 1270-1062 for a .554%. That is 208 games over 500! Yet the Rays have done this success with being one of the lowest payrolls yearly since 2008. Imagine Tampa record if they play in the AL central. 

    Year W L Payroll Rank
    2022 69 56 24
    2021 100 62 26
    2020 60 40 28
    2019 96 66 30
    2018 90 72 28
    2017 80 82 29
    2016 68 94 28
    2015 80 82 28
    2014 77 85 28
    2013 92 71 28
    2012 90 72 25
    2011 91 71 29
    2010 96 66 21
    2009 84 78 25
    2008 97 65 29
      1270 1062  

    This is why we need to get someone from the Tampa Bay Front Office to create this successful formula in Chicago. I realize this may not happen until Jerry dies and the team is sold. However Jerry allowed this to happen with his Bulls team. He allowed his son Michael to run the Bulls and his son went out and found an outside executive who had great success building another basketball winning organization. Keep in mind the Dodgers stole Andrew Friedman in 2015 to be their president of baseball ops and have full control. They knew Friedman could draft and develop players. However now the Dodgers gave him unlimited money to spend to hire all the top free agents. However the key point here is Freidman didn't forget how to build the farm system. The Dodgers are not only the winningest team in baseball with the highest payroll, but they have the #2 ranked farm system.

    There is no reason Jerry can't let his son Michael take over the Sox and let him go outside and find the right man to clean house from top to bottom. Obviously as we all know, the only thing stopping this is Jerry with his stubborn, arrogant and ignorant personality. As I have stated before, it would only be in Jerry's best interest to do this. Since Jerry plans on selling the team when he dies, it's an even more logical reason to allow his family to sell the Sox after his death for a much higher valued amount. This is usually referred to as following "Best Practices" in all successful companies or organizations"! 


    I’ve been beating this drum for awhile. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Hang Wiffem said:

    Is there not a replacement level outfielder with full use of all of his limbs somewhere in this organization?

    Cespedes and Colas fit the bill, but the team doesn’t want to rush. Sept call ups should be happening, especially now if they had something. Rutherford has been a born AAA player. I don’t know though, a little cup of coffee for Cespedes or Colas to get their feet wet shouldn’t  hurt anything. 

  6. He had a honeymoon here too didn’t he? Gotta give him credit for doing his part, and being right. I don’t necessarily mind the trade, but make a good trade. Hahn’s major league trades are usually  not very impressive.

  7. 43 minutes ago, AJ'S Cousin said:

    The pitching staff has not been the problem. It’s not properly getting these guys in shape. When Herman was in charge, we never had so many pulled muscles. Everyone had the same amount of Spring Training, 

    Some folks seem to be expressing that the offense should be picking up the pitching more, but the team is right about where it should be record wise in terms of ERA Vs team record. Underperformance does not appear to be the issue. This team was overrated by FO and fans alike.

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  8. 2 hours ago, 35thstreetswarm said:

    We have plenty of time and talent to make up a relatively small gap.  The worry is that there really does seem to be something deeply wrong with this team.

    If one is of the winter opinion that the FO had, that this group was already good enough to win the division, that worry seems appropriate. But that opinion was a likely mistake. They are  who we didn’t think they were. If the treatment of this roster wasn’t worrying way before the season began, it should have been. Hahn was waaaaay too complacent.

  9. 4 minutes ago, southsider2k5 said:

    But it was obvious he hurt.  The trainers knew it, which is why they went out.  The radar gun knew it, that's why he was throwing 88.  The media knew it, which is why twitter went ballistic.  The idea that Tony didn't know is a joke.

    It’s difficult to say how careful or carless he is. On one hand he’s pulled Kopech during a no hitter. On the other hand Kopech is being left in under an extremely dubious situation. Guy is spotting dimes and eating onions.

  10. 5 hours ago, southsider2k5 said:

    The idea that Tony had no idea he was hurt is a proven lie.

    At the end of the day, it depends on what the trainers were telling him. We’ll never know. There is a hamstring injury that is also called a knee injury fwiw. Depends on severity.

  11. On 8/20/2022 at 12:05 AM, Lip Man 1 said:

    I can't claim to know Tony, I've interviewed him multiple times starting in April 1983 but he's always struck me as very self confident and doesn't second guess himself.

    He told me in an interview one time that former Sox manager Paul Richards told him, "Trust your gut...don't cover your ass." (direct quote) That's a philosophy he's always believed in. I honestly don't think he cares what the fans or the media think, he really never has. Remember he toughed it out in the middle of the 1982 season when rumors were rife that he was going to be fired and had to wear a flak jacket under his uniform in a series vs. Boston because of death threats.

    Same thing in 1983 when JR and EE brought in Bobby Winkles to evaluate the Sox bad start and if anything could be done. Winkles told them to not worry things would turn around...and they did. But EE said, if Winkles said TLR needed to go they would have fired him then.

    This guy has had a Hall of Fame career, is supremely self confident and is (or at least was) extremely smart since he passed the Florida bar exam.

    Again I don't think he cares what others think.


    Appreciate the insight 

  12. 46 minutes ago, tray said:


    Luck is a huge element in sports, especially in close contests. An inch, a bad bounce, or a couple of long balls that fall just short of being home runs.

    One bad hanging pitch driven out for a 3 run home run...one of just 5 hits in the game.

    You’re  arguing  that the Sox have bad luck to explain the season?

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