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  1. KeithFranklin

    Sox @ KC - 8/2 Game Thread

    QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Aug 2, 2006 -> 08:49 PM) Now the sad thing is, that Minny will come in here and destroy the Royals for the next 3 games. We seem to be the only playoff contending team that has problems with the worst teams in the league. The same Minny that has lost what 16-0 over the last couple of days.
  2. KeithFranklin

    Poppy's 2nd Half Predictions....

    I swear why does MLB even require Liriano to pitch anymore. If a team is unlucky enough to face him it should be an automatic loss.
  3. KeithFranklin

    I'm finally off of the Podsednik bandwagon (long)

    I always thought that one of the big reasons to like a player like PODs offensivly is that not only can he steal a base, but also because the players batting get better pitches to hit because of the pressure a base stealer adds. Doesnt Iguchi, Thome, Konerko, Dye see more fastballs if PODs is on base?
  4. KeithFranklin

    White Sox may be in trouble

    Listening to the Score this morning and an analyst was on talking mostly about the Cubs. Finally the Sox starters were brought up and he mentioned something that I have thought about. They compare Sox starters ERA of last year with this years. All of them higher but Contreras. They also talked about how everything was laid on the shoulders of the Sox starters this year. Sox starters dont have to shut teams down for the Sox to win this year. The starters dont need to press like they did last year. Look at the 2nd half last year the starters couldnt keep it up all season long and it showed in the 2nd half. The Sox went 42 and 34 the second half last year. Part of that was lack of pressure, part of it was the starters working so hard the 1st half. This year they can pace themselves some more and let the hitters win more games. When the Sox get a big lead they can simply pitch to get the game over rather than pitch to shut a team down. I expect a much better 2nd half in 2006 compared to 2005 and expect the starters will pace themselves for a great September and October.
  5. KeithFranklin

    I'm pretty much done with Javier Vazquez.

    Ahh remember the good old days when the 5th starter meant an immediate loss 90% of the time. I for one couldnt care less about how much the 5th starter is paid. Filling the park, concessions and merchandising now that the Sox are World champs easily pays for it and the Sox front office know it.
  6. KeithFranklin

    White Sox may be in trouble

    Did the Diamondbacks leapfrog 2 teams that were playing better than 650 baseball?
  7. KeithFranklin

    Going over to the 'Dark Side'

    Stop with the North Side stuff. I grew up in Rogers park and went to both Cub and Sox games because the EL was so easy to get to Comiskey. Think because of my father I always was more of a Sox fan and finally stopped cheering for the Cubs in the early 90's when Maddox left for less cash. As for bandwagon jumpers. I have been at many sold out Sox games over the last 10 years and none of them have been as electric as games this year. This is because the place is full of fans and not just people coming for a good time. As we always have said Sox fans wont support medicrotiy and now that the Sox our great they will fill the park and continue as they see the organization maintain the effort.
  8. KeithFranklin

    Heads Attendance Update

    QUOTE(whitesoxfan101 @ Jun 25, 2006 -> 03:12 PM) Actually, to be accurate, you need to average 37,038 per game for a season to nose ahead of the 3 million mark for an 81 game home schedule, not 37,911. Going into tonight, we have an average of 35,125 through 39 games, so we need to get the average up 1913 more per game in the last 42 home games to get over 3 million. It's possible I think, but would be very hard to do. Meant Sox need to average 37,911 the remaining 43 games at the Cell to hit 3 million.
  9. KeithFranklin

    Heads Attendance Update

    Average now at 35,124. Need to average 37,911 to hit 3 million. Add in 7 sellouts (Today and 6 against Yankees and Red Sox). Then need to average 37,602 for 3 million 34,824 for 2.9 million Both doable. Through August Sox have 32 home games. 12 weekend (Non Red Sox or Yankees), 6 Red Sox or Yankees. September has 11 home games 6 of which our weekend games against Cleveland, Seattle and Detroit. If we are in a pennant race then those games will do very well. I think we will hit 3 million.
  10. KeithFranklin

    Bad News: Son little league team is the cubs

    Wow didnt expect so much action on this post. My son isnt happy about it. Said a couple of things yesterday. 1. Dad can I burn the shirt when the season is over? Yes. 2. Can I wear a Sox jersey over it except during game? Yes.
  11. Of all the years for this to happen.
  12. Just got back from taking my kids to Disney World for a week. White Sox hats, shirts, etc. was everywhere. Only noticed one Cubs shirt the whole week. Good deal of Bears stuff as well.
  13. KeithFranklin

    Sportsnation Poll

    Who proofed that poll. Hasnt Howry and Wagner already signed elsewhere?
  14. KeithFranklin

    Hate to start an attendence thread...

    What we wont see is people waiting to see if the Sox have a good team before they start going. The assumption will be that the team can win a World Series.
  15. KeithFranklin

    Hate to start an attendence thread...

    I see a big boost in Season tickets ( I will be going from half dozen games to 4 season club tickets for all games ). The home opener wasnt even a sell out. Just went back and the Champs averaged 21929 in April in 2005 in 10 games. 25526 in 13 games in May. Certainly April and May will have huge boosts and Season tickets will guarantee a season long boost. If they are in the divisional race the place will be packed all season. With the pitching we have people will believe if we make it in we can win it all again.