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  1. Rounding_Third

    5/8/21 Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 6:10 PM CDT

    I think as a late inning PR/D-replacement, Hamilton has it over Goodwin by a wide margin. However, if needed, Goodwin should be called up over Williams. But I'm also wondering just what else does Mendick have to do to prove he's so much more valuable than Lamb. I sense it too. Yermin needs to sharpen his discipline and focus like he was in April. He's swinging at a lot more junk lately; too aggressive.
  2. Rounding_Third


    Not sure if I understand what you mean. But don't I think control really plays a role in that decision. They wouldn't risk his career because they're outside of that window.
  3. Rounding_Third


    Not to throw water on the fire, but isn't it likely the Sox have an innings limit on him this year if he keeps keepin' on? If they're doing it for Kopech, why not Rodon? Has anyone asked about it with TLR or Katz? I may have missed it but haven't heard of their Rodon plans. Its makes sense to me that the Sox trade for another starter as insurance for the entire rotation & Kopech. If there're no issues, a 6 man rotation would be a good idea anyway. So far, there's no starter in the org that can be trusted but that could change by the deadline.
  4. Rounding_Third

    Luis back, Crochet IL, Mendick 27th man

  5. Rounding_Third

    Luis back, Crochet IL, Mendick 27th man

    I had an issue with my crapular stabilzer. A little Imodium and I was fine.
  6. Rounding_Third

    Grandal Vs. McCann

    So my regression opinion is based on a 2019 projections window at the time of his signing; predicting regression vs $'s offered. How likely was he to match his 2019 Brewer stats or his previous LA season....unlikely. Or that he would catch 153 games or the 140 in 2018...again, unlikely. Or that he would begin to physically regress along with possible injuries as a 31-34 C ...likely. Predicting regression can be a crap shoot but there were enough factors and 2019 was so lofty for him that it was a probability and, in fact, he did (for whatever 2020 stats are worth). But that's moot, I 'm talking about 2019 FO vision before the signing. All the while with a very solid McCann who could have been signed then for tens of $M's less. Oh what they could have done with that cash and still be very strong at the C position! If he had earned his new contract based on Sox performance for those years then, yeah, reward him. But the Sox rewarded him for what he did for other teams. For example, Realmuto earned a big deal this winter with the Phillies because he got there with them. Yeah, they signed him in 2018 (for just 2 years) based on a Mia career. But he was only 27 and most likely to progress or at least maintain. He progressed as a Philly and got rewarded. What's done is done, He's a Sox and can't be replaced. Hopefully, he plays well from here on out. Since he's been playing more this past week or so, hopefully that knee is healing and he can begin to turn it up,
  7. Rounding_Third

    Grandal Vs. McCann

    No disrespect to Grandal; he's still a very good C and was a great one in 2019. But in 2019, C was not a position of weakness; McCann was very good and deserving of a longer deal. A 2 or 3 yr deal then for McCann at ~$10 or ~$18 ($4,6,8m - was making $2.9m in 2019) and then spent the tens of $m's of savings elsewhere would have been much more prudent. Grandal's regression from 2019 could have easily be expected but was not anticipated by the FO, especially switching leagues and his age. This isn't hindsight, the Grandal signing was a big time head scratcher for me then. He wasn't $14m or $12m or even $10m better than McCann from a 2019 offseason perspective.
  8. Rounding_Third

    Theories as to why offense behind pitching so far?

    One reason may be that baseballs are somewhat "deadened" this year. Not only is it designed to travel less far, its a little smaller and lighter probably allowing pitchers to do more with it. Slightly smaller = harder to hit, too; contributing to higher K-rate. Chicks dig the popup!
  9. Rounding_Third

    Who Is "Mr. White Sox?"

    If it was like Blackhawks, I would give the C to Jose and the two A's to Tim & Lucas with Carlos/Yoan next in line.
  10. Rounding_Third

    The Kopech is back thread

    Couldn't agree more. Have a few Jack & Cokes last night, did ya? 😎 Thanks for not answering my question.
  11. Rounding_Third


    I keep hearing that but numbers don't lie. Somewhat true, but not entirely, relative to his final seasonal stats. Mostly false, except for 2016, relative to 2021 March/April vs career March/April. Not even close. Not sure where that "slow start" perception comes from. I guess 2016 sticks in people's minds. Still has some games to match April history, though.
  12. Rounding_Third


    Maybe still being affected by Covid?
  13. Rounding_Third


    Send him to alt site then Charlotte until he he learns to hit MLB pitching dammit! Seriously, wondering if his earlier bout with Covid is still affecting him. He had a bad ST in warm AZ, too.
  14. Rounding_Third

    The Kopech is back thread

    But still only as a spot starter, right? It shouldn't be anything more than that for this year. That pitch limit would come fast. Don't want him shut down before the end of the season.
  15. Rounding_Third

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Yeah, he's done a nice job; nothing's fooled him. Looks like he's been playing out there his whole career. At the plate, teams figured him out halfway though ST. He's pretty confused right now. Overmatched.