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    Addressing the OF shortage (Robert Injury Spinoff)

    From a Cubs fan perspective that would absolutely get done. I said in the offseason thread that pre-Eaton, Heyward +Kimbrel would be a way to add some solid defense and a great closer for just money. I still think Bryant would be a great fit for the Sox, but that would only be done if that plan was to move Engel to center full time
  2. FriendlyNorthsider

    Lucas is Hurt

    I believe Gio but if this happened to TLR I would call BS.
  3. FriendlyNorthsider


    100% agree. Although I always cover my hot takes by saying, "if he changes his approach he can be great". Madrigal is the type of guy that'll get a cult following. He shows little leaguers that they can make it even if they aren't 6'4 205 like Eloy. Im very happy to eat crow with this
  4. FriendlyNorthsider

    Sox vs Indians - Tuesday, April 13th, 710pm

    Im not sure if it was the last movie, but I remember going to the theaters on my 7th birthday in 1995 to watch the power rangers. The teens were absolutely ruthless. They were wishing for the death of the 85 year old producer, questioning every decision the director made even it was objectively the right call, and were threatening to walk out of the theater after the first five minutes even though everyone knew that they werent going anywhere. Now that I say that out loud...
  5. FriendlyNorthsider

    After 8 games, who's doing well and who isn't?

    This is exactly right. Moncada costs the Sox $6.8M in 2021 and will cost $13.8M in 2022, $17.8M in 2023, and $24.8M in 2024. Robert and Eloy become $3 Million more expensive every year. Tim Anderson will be getting more expensive and has some club options that are nearly double his 2021 salary coming up. Gio is going into his Arb-2 year and the Sox are also trying to extend him. None of that is bad money, but the Sox have around $110M committed to 2022 without accounting for players in Pre-Arb (Madrigal, Cease, Kopech, Foster, Heuer), and the other Arb guys who will be brought back (Gio, Marshall, Engel, Fry?, Lopez?) but keeping the payroll at 133 means having to replace Lynn, Rodon, Eaton, and Leury very cheap or internally.
  6. FriendlyNorthsider

    Robert's batting approach

    Hey, We have one of those on the north side! As frustrating as Javier Baez can be at times, having elite defense, elite baserunning, and elite power make the approach something you just have to live with. When pitchers hit their spots they'll swing and miss. But they have to do that three times before making a mistake and guys like Baez and Robert will make them pay. The best thing to do is to get him protection in the lineup and let him be. He's a joy to watch and even when he's slumping he'll be a 4 win player
  7. FriendlyNorthsider

    A Nick Madrigal Sized Sample

    I have been low on Madrigal for a while, so keep my bias in mind, but I just don't think his approach will allow him to be successful given his physical limitations. He has one elite skill and that is getting the bat on the ball. The problem is that he hits the pitches that the pitchers want him to hit. His chase contact percentage is 81% in his small sample of 134 plate appearances vs a league average of 59%. That is a great category to be elite in when you're down 0-2 with 1 out and a guy on third, but most of the time you're just throwing away at bats. If his fielding or speed were elite he'd be a fine everyday second baseman, but they arent. My hope with him is that adjust his approach so that he doesn't put so much emphasis on not striking out. He knows that he can always make contact when the situation calls for it, so why not sell out a bit with less than two strikes? His hands are certainly quick enough to do damage if he added some loft to his swing.
  8. FriendlyNorthsider

    4-5 GT: CWS @ SEA (9:10 PM CT)

    Sale pitched in 58 games and threw 2+ innings 11 times (3 innings twice). Theyre definitely asking more of Kopech. FWIW, I think Kopech is a starter long term and Crotchet is a high-leverage reliever.
  9. FriendlyNorthsider

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    I was not a fan of this from the start. I felt that Vaughn trying to learn a new position while also trying to learn to hit MLB pitching could lead to him not doing either well. The hitting may take some time, but he's showing promise as a left fielder. Eloy wouldve ran full speed into the wall on that play if he were in left.
  10. FriendlyNorthsider

    4/4 GT- 7:37 CT- Sox vs Halos

    Crotchet, Kopech and Hendricks look fine. The starters getting into the 7th inning (okay, ill take the 6th) would be nice.
  11. FriendlyNorthsider

    4/4 GT- 7:37 CT- Sox vs Halos

    He was supposed to be high IQ, but his base running suggests otherwise. Im starting to think he might not be the son a coach either. Or not the first one in the building each morning
  12. FriendlyNorthsider

    Which White Sox will break into Top 20 MLB jersey sales first?

    I think at GRF you'll see more Tim Anderson jerseys than any other. He's a homegrown talent, has big likeable personality, and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. If Robert has a big year I could see him being a popular jersey nationally, which might be what it takes to actually make the Top 20.
  13. FriendlyNorthsider

    I'm going to enjoy the White Sox this year

    I'm really curious to see what sort of mechanical changes Katz made with Cease. If Cease maintained his 2020 performance that would be a huge disappointment because he had a 6.36 FIP (80th out of 81 pitchers with 50 IP) and a 5.87 xFIP (79th). His LOB% was 81.7% (league avg is 74%). Hitters had a .238 BABIP despite being in the bottom 25% of the league in xSLG, xBA, Exit Velocity, and Hard Hit %. Essentially he got about as lucky as you could get last year. That said his stuff is filthy and he has so much room to improve and could do so very rapidly. He has the potential to be a star if he improves his command and it could easily happen this year. The projections for him all seem to believe that his K/9 will go back up and his walks will go down. I believe that too, but he needs to be a whole lot better this year. One reason I'm optimistic is that his splits when starting 1-0 vs 0-1 in 2020. After 1-0 (.310/.468/.643) vs AL avg of (.256/.357/.444) After 0-1 (.157/.229/.324) vs AL avg of (.219/.271/.361) Yes its a small sample size, but Cease is absolutely awful when he starts behind in the count and is pretty much elite after a first pitch strike. Getting ahead in the count is usually that last thing to develop for a young pitcher and hopefully this is the year he gets over that hump. Edit: I looked back through his splits and oh boy.. After 1-0 he has an xFIP of 8.70 and after 0-1 his xFIP is 3.63
  14. FriendlyNorthsider

    Dodgers sign Bauer (3/102, opt-outs, 40-45-17)

    This aged well
  15. Kevin Goldstein of Fangraphs (Formerly with the Astros FO) just said in a FG chat that his biggest regret was pushing to trade Hader for Carlos Gomez and Fiers because he thought Hader was destined for the bullpen.