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  1. kleedawg

    Trade Targets in response to Madrigal’s injury

    whit merrifield can take over 2b and of...but not at the same time.
  2. kleedawg

    Jake Burger Thread

    Robin Ventura hit with a barred arm
  3. kleedawg

    Arlington Heights White Sox?

    I grew up in Arlington Heights, my house was right next to Flenty park, In the Arlington vista (for those who know the area). I had literal dreams that either the bears or sox built a stadium in the park next to my house and I walked to the games. Sure beats the youth girl softball leagues that played their when I was a kid in the 70's/80's.
  4. kleedawg

    5/18 White Sox @ Twins 6:40 PM

    ober and out
  5. kleedawg

    5/18 White Sox @ Twins 6:40 PM

    soooo disrespectful
  6. kleedawg

    5/13: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    lamb chops
  7. kleedawg

    5/13: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    shadow & breezly love the white sox colors. They are fond of carrying around turtles in their mouths. Beware Estudial! S
  8. kleedawg

    Sox sweep KC; winners thread

    Gio had one bad start in Boston. He won yesterday without his good stuff. He was awesome against Cleveland and got a ND. He was real good against detroit, but was left in to long. I'm not at all worried about Lucas.
  9. kleedawg

    White Sox Game 2 Winner!

    Leury was really playing well offensively until he ruptured the thumb ligament last year. when he returned in the playoffs last year and until yesterday he has looked bad at the plate. I had the same injury playing basketball when I was a young teacher. I was also playing in a semi-pro baseball league with collage kids at the time. I had no power in my hand because of the injury. A doubled in the last game of the season for my only base hit. The next year I was back to hitting hr's, doubles, & triples. Of course I didn't get the great rehab Leury has access to, but don't be surprised if the pop starts returning to his bat again. I believe he had 7 hr before the injury last year.
  10. kleedawg

    What happened to Garrett Crochet's fastball?

    Also it was August/Sept when Crochet was hitting 102. He had built up arm strength and the weather was hot...much easier to get lose and let it go.
  11. kleedawg

    MVP Abreu has covid

    As someone who has had Covid, I was told I could test positive for up to 3 months after being infected.
  12. kleedawg

    Did We Go Cheap Not Signing Another Bat?

    Isn't Marwen Gonzalez still out there? He can play most anywhere and fill DH until Vaughn is ready. He can give moncada & Abreu a day off from fielding. He is Eaton/jimenez injury insurance. Switch hitter
  13. kleedawg

    Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap

    hope your right
  14. kleedawg

    Jerry Reinsdorf is cheap

    Yes, currently they are 2 franchises going opposite directions. Still the cubs are the brand name. I don't think the league would mind the sox leaving and ceding the market to the cubs. Wouldn't the sox in Vegas being a bookend to the Raiders be sweet for the league. Think of the merchandise possibilities. Same color scheme. we both have a somewhat maverick/checkered past. A team WILL be put in Montreal soon - prolly the rays. Mexico City - what about that market!