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  1. There is a big difference between playing through niggles and playing on while injured when rest or an operation is best. This season time and again the medical department has got it wrong and not put players on the IL who were quite plainly too injured to contribute at anywhere near their level
  2. If they are going to 'retool' this squad for a genuine attempt to reach the offseason and challenge then some very creative trades will have to happen, but with Hahn at the helm that isn't going to happen.
  3. I wouldn't tolerate a rebuild with the same idiots doing the rebuilding as the result would probably be a whole roster of 1B/DH players plus a few ageing NL free agents on ridiculous contracts, and of course Leury Garcia getting an extension!
  4. This article made me laugh: MLB players with tough 2022 seasons How did they manage to narrow down the White Sox to just one player!
  5. "This group of players has quit and is not playing hard anymore" When were they playing hard at all this season?
  6. This season it was more like "being beaten up by the AL Central"
  7. The trouble is they also employed cowboy builders to do the work.
  8. Knowing JR he will make TLR the General Manager!
  9. But would you trust Hahn to do that major retooling? Hahn is unlikely to be sacked anytime soon.
  10. There are other ways of motivating players other than butt-kicking, but the very fact that they need butt-kicking in the first place sums up their lack of desire.
  11. Hahn has assembled a roster that lacks depth and has glaring holes, but even with that they have performed way below expectations and poor coaching and lack of accountability has played a big part in that.
  12. But it is also lack of desire, not every winning team is stacked with talent throughout but often perform better than expected, these Sox players have as a collective performed way below what was expected, and seem too ready to grab at excuses for their underperformance, like constantly bringing up injuries.
  13. That is what I meant by lack of desire by the organisation to ensure that raw talent developed, how many of the top draft picks from the losing years and beyond have actually reached their full potential and actually contributed to the MLB team?
  14. They may have had a line-up with power hitters but the tactics and strategy was to not hit for power, and that is where they screwed up. So you can blame the manager and coaches for not using tactics that best suit the players you have.
  15. Is the biggest problem with the White Sox actually a lack of talent or a lack of desire? Many of the players on the roster and in the system have or had the raw talent to be MLB players at a good level, I know the gaps at 2B and RF were not adequately addressed but the basic talents of these players projects to a much better season than this, most people at the start of the season were still predicting the Sox would win the Division. Even players like Moncada when he was acquired projected better than he has achieved, and so many players who come to the Sox as established MLB players perform below their career stats once on the South Side. Which leads me to think that the bigger problem is desire. The desire issue runs throughout the organisation not just the players. Does JR and do the FO really want to win another World Series? Are they really all in as a slogan from previous seasons said? As for the players, are they too comfortable and just happy to be MLB players, do they really have that burning desire to achieve. How many times have we heard this season one of the players say 'the season starts now', shortly to be followed by another abject collapse? How many of the injuries are really just accidents or caused by a lack of application to strength and conditioning over the off season. something that a player who really wants to achieve would apply themselves to wholeheartedly, example being Lance Lynn and his attitude to training. The Sox strike me as being happy go lucky in attitude, it would be nice to win something but hey we are in the Big League and still getting paid. Sorry for the long winded post!
  16. TLR is transitioning? Is that the medical procedure that he has been having done?
  17. You forgot to mention that you will be told TLR has fully recovered from his health scare and is back in charge and the quotes from players about how happy they are about that!
  18. Losing this game is not what will cost the Sox this season it is all the losses to the Royals and Tigers and other basement teams and the fact that they only have a 35-38 record at Home.
  19. Says it all really, this is a team that promises much but delivers little.
  20. I would agree with you but there is a nagging doubt that he could get it together, a bit like many people were saying Eloy was a bust before his strong finish to the season when DHing. As any return for Moncada would be negligible, give him a go at the start of next season because Burger is not really much of an upgrade with the bat and is not an upgrade in the field and there are other glaring holes that need filling before 3B, like OF and 2B.
  21. I certainly didn't see that one coming after 8 innings of 2022 Sox baseball attempting to give Aokland a no hitter, but the 9th inning comeback has made me begin to believe (hope) again. I just hope that is not crushed again by the return of TLR, don't rock a winning formula, keep him on the end of a phone and let Cairo manage for the rest of the season.
  22. I think you mean the 'Gipper'
  23. I don't think the 'easy schedule' matters as this side has shown its ability to lose to bad teams all season, what is more important is that in the games since TLR stepped aside the team seems to have more zip and drive. If that continues then anything is possible and this frustrating season may yet end in a post season.
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