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  1. gogosox1959

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    One year at a time. If the best path to the 2021WS is having Kopech in the 8th -- that's more than ok. He can switch to starter next year.
  2. gogosox1959

    Pitching worries

    I think Kopech should stay in the bullpen this year. He can pitch the 8th every other game if he's prepped that way. We go with Lynn, Rodon and Giolito. In the playoffs, you don't always use your #4 starter that much. For the 4th starter, Kuechel for 18 batters, period. Then Cease comes in; after Kuechel, he'll look like he's throwing 120.
  3. gogosox1959

    Sox @ Royals, 7/26, 7:10, Game Thread

    I think that was only said by the ESPN guys -- so that doesn't count!
  4. gogosox1959

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    Per ESPH Vaughn DWAR is -0.6. Of the 13 they list only two have + DWAR. (Only 13 are "qualified) 5 are better than Vaughn; 4 are tied with Vaughn; 3 are worse than Vaughn. Sorting by DWAR, he and Justin Upton are tied for 6/7. That makes Vaughn an average LF. The defensive studs aren't playing LF. You need to compare apples to apples. It's not fair to compare a left fielder to a Hamilton or an Engel. https://www.espn.com/mlb/stats/fielding/_/position/lf/order/true
  5. gogosox1959

    Collins Catching Complaints

    McCann wanted to be a #1 -- deservedly so. The Sox signing him was not how much money the Sox would pay.
  6. gogosox1959

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    I'm fine with Goodwin as part of a Engel/Goodwin RF. The problem is in center. It's much harder to get good reads on the ball which is coming right at you and that extra step or two in speed really matters when going deep into the alleys from a shallow center, (like BH is able to play).
  7. gogosox1959


    Kopech was going to stay in until someone got on base. Unfortunately that was the first batter
  8. gogosox1959

    Sox @ Brew Crew, 7/25, 6:08, Game Thread

    and they were the two biggest off-season acquisitions.
  9. gogosox1959

    Sox @ Brew Crew, 7/25, 6:08, Game Thread

    If Eloy and Robert both come back raking, should Seby be #1 until YAZ comes back?
  10. gogosox1959

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    Knowing the game situation matters. If you're down, or up, 6 runs in the 7th you don't dive to stop a bases empty single from dropping in.
  11. gogosox1959

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    Vaughn could also play some in RF
  12. gogosox1959

    Trade Deadline Thread

    TLR is a leading candidate for Manager of the Year*. It seemingly is between him and Alex Cora and I can't see Cora getting any awards with his cheating past. Season awards are based upon regular season only - playoffs not included. Has an incumbent Manager of the Year ever been fired? *just to tick off soxtalk
  13. gogosox1959

    Does TLR need to light up the umpires more?

    No, union protected. See Hernandez, Angel or West, Joe.
  14. gogosox1959

    7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

    It kind of gets forgotten, but AV being able to play LF is one of the first half's more important stories. It would be fun to go back and read the first few pages on the thread about that potential move. Vaughn = 1B, LF, RF, 3B, DH, AND PH. He also has a catcher's build: relatively short, but solid and powerful
  15. The other GM's have seen that the sox have determined that he is not a major league catcher and we all saw that game where he started at first. He's only a possibility for a team that would be willing to take on a young dh type. Best chance for him would be if the NL gets the DH.