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  1. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Ok, here's one. Hahn stands pat and says "we just made 2 huge deadline additions in Eloy and Luis and Yaz is coming back soon. Not going to mortgage our multiple championship run for 1 season". Discuss.........
  2. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Collins Catching Complaints

    He drives me crazy behind the plate but he is what he is. He could be a platoon lefty at DH but we've already got about 5 DH's on the roster. He was barely serviceable in college or the minors. The Sox keep running him out there to justify the huge reach drafting him in the 1st round. It's too late now to change that, but in the off season he needs to get bundled with other assets and move on. Nice kid, tries hard, isn't an MLB catcher. Sorry.
  3. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

    20 days
  4. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Who might be going to the minors when our injured Stars return?

    I just don't see the everyday RF coming at the deadline. We'd likely have to overpay vs. waiting until the off season. Once Robert comes back, a platoon of Engel/Goodwin will suffice. We need to trade assets for a 2B and 2 RP. If we go into the playoffs without addressing those 2 areas, it will be an early out in October.
  5. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Royals Listening on Merrifield

    I'll never say never, but I'd almost never consider trading away prospects to a division team. Having them come back and beat our brains out 19 times a year for a decade is crazy. I'd take Escobar in a heartbeat, Frazier ONLY if it didn't cost a Crochet/Burger and pass on Merrifield. The age doesn't bother me, just the cost.
  6. PitchatRisktoZisk

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    Unless they really want to f$%& up the karma of what is looking like a special team, they better not even think of cutting Hamilton. He absolutely needs to have a spot on this team from a baseball perspective for pinch running and D late in games come October.
  7. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Catcher Rumors

    I've seen enough of Collins to know he is not a ML catcher. Every advanced metric and the eye test tell you that. If the Sox weren't trying to justify using their 1st round pick on him, he'd be buried in AAA. We can't survive with him catching 5 days a week. Hahn needs to stop hiding behind his "multiple championships" comments and get us a legit catcher now! There's no guarantee Grandal will be back this season, and if he is how effective he might be. Good organizations act decisively. The window is open. Go get us a legit catcher, a 2nd baseman, and 2 relievers. Otherwise our stay in the playoffs will be no longer than it was last season.
  8. PitchatRisktoZisk

    ReyLo skipped at AAA: Spot start? Hug watch? stayed tuned

    I could be wrong but this feels like a "showcase" situation. Let's face it, Lopez' trade value is non-existent right now. His record and ERA at AAA are abysmal. My guess is we have him on the roster for 2 weeks and hope he pitches well enough in long/mid relief to get a team intrigued enough to take a flyer on him as a throw in on a trade. If that doesn't happen by July 30, we DFA him and move on. Just my opinion, I could be wrong..
  9. PitchatRisktoZisk

    Bowden mentions Sox potential interest in Frazier

    Totally agree. With many division and even Wildcard races being pretty clear, there are far more sellers than buyers. Add to that no August waiver trade deals and the sellers should be getting really panicky around July 29. DO NOT overpay!
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see all 5 starters spend at least 1 stint on the IL. Give them 10-15 days off, bring them back on a pitch limit and build back up in mid-September and be ready for the playoffs. Nobody threw a lot of innings in 2020 and they'll all hit the wall sometime this Summer. Rodon is a special case based on his prior surgeries and limited innings. I'd likely shut him down post ALG and give him a solid month of "maintenance" time off, throwing side sessions to keep loose. There is a risk however you handle him, but he's shown that he's too valuable for us not to do whatever is necessary to have him ready in October.