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  1. zirc

    How and why did you become a Sox fan?

    I started off a Cubs fan when I was little. I was born on the north side, but moved to the western suburbs when i was 4, so I didn't really grow up in either territory. But in my t-ball league all the teams from the north half of Oak Park were named after national league teams, and we didn't get cable so until I went to a Sox game for the first time in 88 (when i was six) I didn't even know there was another baseball team in Chicago. I lived and died with that 89 Cubs team. Jerome Walton was my favorite player. My brother and I used to pretend to be Shawon Dunston and Ryne Sandberg turning double plays in the front yard. It didn't help that the Sox were pretty bad then. But the 1990 team, and especially Bobby Thigpen going after the save record got me interested in the Sox. Then Frank Thomas showed up and started batting pitchers around like a cat with a mouse, and I was hooked. So yeah, like everyone else, cos of Frank.
  2. zirc

    Juan Nieves going to Boston

    had a mini heart attack...was on espn chicago website and saw the headline 'Sox choose nieves as new pitching coach' I was like, what the hell happened to cooper? stupid boston biased media.
  3. zirc

    Just an Old Fashioned Game Thread

    QUOTE (Jake @ Sep 5, 2012 -> 10:36 PM) I'm late to the thread, so... Looks like Rios had some of AJ's juice Looks like Peavy had some of AJ's juice Looks like Myers had some of AJ's juice Looks like Gordon had some of AJ's juice Looks like Wise had some of AJ's juice Looks like PK had some of AJ's juice
  4. zirc

    Peavy or Nate Jones

    QUOTE (Jake @ Sep 4, 2012 -> 09:46 PM) It's just proof that one season isn't a valid sample size. It's just proof that pitcher wins are a complete non-statistic.
  5. zirc

    Is Hawk one of the all time greats?

    f*** off with the you're not a real fan if you don't like Hawk. Did you need to love Ron Santo to be a true Cubs fan? At least he was just a color guy. I watch the games with the sound off because he literally adds nothing to them and his voice is grating.
  6. zirc


    technically it's na zdrowie. no i'm not polish. can't believe i've been lurking here for 9 years. i should post more.
  7. zirc

    What baseball team do you hate the most?

    I'm always happy to see the Cubs lose, but that bit has mellowed since 05. The Tigers are annoying right now and seem to be trying to buy a division title, but I can't drum up any true hatred for them. They've been too pathetic for too long. No, it's going to take a long time before the taste of freakish hump dome losses is gone from my mouth. There is nothing worse than going into a 3 game series, and expecting to get swept every time. (and it usually happening) I got so freaking tired of those stupid, crappy, talentless, slap-hitting, no-strikeout pitching Twins out-performing and out-executing us while our manager (and broadcaster) slobbered all over their nuts and basically conceded every series before it was started. Maybe about ten years of them being under .500 will be enough to diminish my hatred for them. Maybe. But that 4 run 9th inning two years ago that the season pretty much turned on is going to be with me for a long time. F*** you Bobby Jenks.
  8. zirc

    Peavy's future here

    We are certainly riding him like he's not going to be around next year. What is he averaging, 110 pitches per start? Take that FWIW. Depends on how it goes with Danks' arm and how we end up postseason wise but I think you could do worse than him on a 1y deal at 18m. At worse he'd fetch something decent back in a deadline trade.
  9. zirc

    White Sox vs. Twins 8/1/12

    In the playoffs, Paulie. Today, Rios.
  10. zirc

    White Sox vs. Twins 8/1/12

    Well if there's one guy you want up there in this situation it's...uh...well, the next guy.
  11. zirc

    Royals vs White Sox 1:10 PM CST

    AJ didn't do a whole lot to get out of the way of that one, did he?
  12. QUOTE (chw42 @ Jul 14, 2012 -> 10:25 PM) Phew. Not too worried about cleveland tbh.
  13. QUOTE (kapzk @ Jul 14, 2012 -> 07:26 PM) Pitching mis-match on paper, however we got owned by the KC pitcher b4, hopefully offense continues their good hitting. Cle trailing 2-0 in the first. Down 6-2 now. It's the mlb.tv free game if anyone wants to watch.
  14. zirc

    Benjamin Sheets

    He, Penny, and Brandon Webb are awesome. On MVP Baseball 2005.
  15. zirc

    Get a new deal done with Peavy now!

    Would you sign him to a one year deal worth $18 million? If he keeps this up i think that's a no brainer. If he wants to restructure over a couple of years even better. Worst case he wants a long term deal and he gets traded for a good haul. Sox are sitting in a pretty good position here with Peavy.