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  1. The Godfather

    Potential Free Agent Pitchers

    I agree but why shouldnt we be one of the many you sure cant knock the kids talent and im sick of being the one time to be asleep when a player like this hits the market why not get an early start The Godfather
  2. The Godfather

    Sox Dropouts

    I have been saying for the last 2 seasons that they needed to go out there and get in a fight with some team cause IMO that is the reason this team came together the way they did. They need to get out there and really kick the s*** out of some team both with their bats and with their fist. Like show were no punks and kick some ass this season maybe that will get the fire burning again The Godfather
  3. The Godfather

    Potential Free Agent Pitchers

    There is another guy who may be an option from our northside foes and that guy is Juan Cruz he is not going to be in the rotation for them this season unless someone get injured or something. I have to say i really like this guy i think he will be a hell of a pitcher and just need a little grooming but we could get this guy for a mid level prospect or a bullpen guy and they also have a need for a 3B and MI and at this point in time it seems that most if not all the decent 3B and MI are gone so we could catch them at a desperate time and get ourselves one hell of a young pitcher. I think that on this team Cruz could win 15 games NP The Godfather
  4. The Godfather

    A bit of good news

    I have to agree that the sox rotation is a little suspect at 4 and 5 but i really think our top there Mark, Jon, Danny should be alright they all showed signs of maturing and becoming better pitchers as the year went on. I really see good things from garland this season and like i said i think danny will be fine. If we can get 18 wins from mark and even 14 from danny and jon we will be fine. What we need to worry about more then our pitching is if Big frank can have a good year cause the way Thomas goes will have alot to do with how we go as a team he puts up some big numbers and we will win no doubt. I still would LOVE to se Cruz Jr playing LF Or CF with Lee being sent to the Expos and Colon brought here, but thats just wishful thinking The Godfather
  5. The Godfather

    Colon rumor

    Boy would i love for these rumors to be true I think with Bartolo and Mark heading the rotation with Garland, Wright, and Rauch, or Maybe My personal choice Corwin Malone I think we would have a real chance at not only making the playoffs but playing well in them i expect big things from both Garland and Danny this season. If the chips fall in place we should be in for an exciting season, and postseason perhaps The Godfather
  6. The Godfather

    yankees owner is the best :)

    I also wouldnt want an owner like him cause in a few years when those players he has over paid start sucking and their still making 10 mil plus he will have himself in a major bind and dont think any teams will be eager to help him out all the yankees do are buy chapionships they have no idea what it takes to build a championship team from within cause papa george just buys whatever players he wants and when it catches up with him and it will he will be kicking himself in the ass so i hope he enjoys it well it last cause the reaper is coming soon for his ass The Godfather
  7. The Godfather

    Very Very Dull, but not surprising.

    As is the sport of baseball, stupid trades get made all the time and the trade of Millwood for a guy who was on his way to start working for burger king. This (and not to sound like the Red Sox here )is due in large part the the yankees and their over spending and the whole A-Rod quarter of a billion dollar contract is a joke, last time i checked the rangers still were in last place good job Tom Hicks. But back to trade their was only one reason for it and that is cause Atlanta knew they were screwed when Maddox went the arbritration rout cause hi agent Scott Boras is a dick and will try and milk them for every read cent in order to his cut up. So they really had no choice but to drop millwood although i think they could have gotten alot more for him they did what they did cause of money and thats the sad truth of baseball now a days its all about the money the game has lost what made it america past time due to greed and agents who dont give a rats ass about the fans. The Godfather
  8. The Godfather

    Very Very Dull, but not surprising.

    Of all the things that have went on this off season in baseball what upsets me the most is that an 18 game winner gets traded for next to nothing and it seems like Kenny and jerry and to busy stroking eachother to even notice that Millwood was even on the mark. I mean WTF did atlanta get for him some back up C who wouldnt even start over mark johnson makes you really wonder what the hell these two numbnuts are doing running a baseball team my f***ing 3 year old son could do a better job. The Godfather