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  1. Goober

    Rays @ Sox, 6/14 7:10 ct

    Should have gotten a Ferrari instead
  2. Goober

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

    Now that’s more like it
  3. Goober

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

    Of course, the day I bet on tigers win
  4. Goober

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/11 6:10 cst

    Game should have been called
  5. Jose needs a couple days down in Winston-Salem
  6. Lololol do they know they are facing the tigers? Not the dodgers?
  7. Jeez send abreu down to Birmingham
  8. Send this scrub down to Birmingham
  9. Lolol one of the worst offenses in all of baseball has already won the game in the bottom of the first
  10. Goober

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    Embarrassing loss
  11. Goober

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    Lololol that vaunted nohit Indians offense putting the white Sox to shame
  12. Goober

    GT 5/27: ORIOLES @ SOX

    Lolol 5.40 era Zommerman destroying this pitiful offense
  13. Goober

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Wowow Cardinals manager defending his player gallegos even after his obvious cheating, very interesting move
  14. Goober

    5/26 Cardinals vs. White Sox

    Wait wait wait so Tony Scrubman better than entire Sox lineup today, how embarrassing. Maybe they should give back today's paycheck
  15. Goober

    5/25 Cardinals vs. White Sox

    Get this bum out of here
  16. Goober

    5/24 Cardinals vs. White Sox

    Game over
  17. Goober

    5/23 White Sox vs Yankees

    Honestly not impressed with the yankees. They needed 2 walk offs including a miracle triple play in order to beat the Sox playing their worst baseball of the year
  18. Goober

    5/22 Sox @NYY 12:05 pm

    Yikes what a bush league move by the yankees, don't they realize they are up by 7
  19. Goober

    5/22 Sox @NYY 12:05 pm

    Lolol and Sox offense can't even show up
  20. Goober

    5/22 Sox @NYY 12:05 pm

    Yikes talk about being overmatched
  21. Goober

    5/21 Chicago @ New York 6:05

    Should have bunted
  22. Goober

    Tyler Flowers retires

    He had a pistil behind the plate