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  1. 22 days left until the Blackhawks officially draft their future captain, Connor Bedard. And judging by the kid's interviews through his junior career and now? He is the absolute goods on AND off the ice.
  2. You usually see splits like that from Rockies players at Coors Field and away.
  3. At least Detroit got bumped down from #1 to #5. That's a win in itself.
  4. It was 422 feet. That was discredited.
  5. https://www.nhl.com/news/connor-bedard-great-great-uncle-james-played-for-blackhawks/c-344255356 Pretty cool tidbit. Bedard's great, great uncle played for the Blackhawks.
  6. Giolito. FA year and he's gonna keep going strong.
  7. Oh he is a very much a dick, but I honestly believe he didn't know at the time. There was a reason McDonough was all of a sudden fired out of nowhere a few years ago. He was known even in the Cubs organization to basically keep things under wraps or "we won't tell Rocky, I'll brush it under the rug" guy. But seeing how Rocky reacted when that question was asked, I can see why McDonough kept it from him.
  8. All of the people involved are gone and that was 12-13 years ago.
  9. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Immediately thought of @Tony @knightni@southsider2k5 @Chisoxfn etc. after the Hawks won it. "This is the type of talent that can bring a franchise back from dead."
  10. Probably after 4. It's Bedard's draft, but Michkov, Fantilli and Carlsson are all very good prospects. Michkov is the only one probably close to Bedard in terms of talent but he has the Russian factor and that might bump him down in the draft. Will Smith is like the 5th best player in this draft and damn good himself, but he's a bit of a drop off from those 4.
  11. NHL draft is tonight. Hawks have a 11.5% chance to land Connor Bedard. Here's hoping. That kid is a generational talent that would accelerate this rebuild (would also be NHL and Rocky Wirtz dream as a marketable asset in a big city).
  12. Normally I would say the usual "Eloy is injured?! Shocker" but in this case I really hope it isn't anything life threatening or longterm for him. That's scary.
  13. Probably why the Sox did not qualify him. But I'm glad he got his money after the 1 year in San Francisco. Hope he can live a normal life post baseball.
  14. Moncada for me. Kid was a very good base stealer in the minors, the Cuban god of walks, etc. Basically only showed flashes up here and then completely lost it.
  15. Supposedly his medicals aren't too hot. Same reason why Darnell Washington is falling.
  16. Nobody on the current team. I'd trade Robert for a haul + others. Montgomery, Schultz and a couple others in the farm I would start there.
  17. That is absolutely fantastic for Pirates fans.
  18. Can I report Ron for rooting for the Cubs?
  19. Isn't Vaughn on pace for 93 walks or something like that?
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