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  1. Would have been nice to get Robbie Ray...
  2. This sure makes the September 1 roster look awesome though.
  3. knightni

    Jason and Steve to start traveling after ASB

    Outside of an August trip to Tampa, the Sox don't leave the Midwest until early September.
  4. knightni

    All-time Soxtalk Whipping Boy

    Adam Dunn. He barely batten .200 and struck out a bunch before joined the team. What else was he going to do on the Sox?
  5. So, Burr and Hamilton reunited again...
  6. knightni

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    I made this today's thread because it was the easiest way.
  7. You think Cincy would trade Tyler Naquin for prospects? They have an outfield glut right now and could probably use the pitching help.
  8. People on r/baseball don't call him that for no reason. He's whiffed on a few trade or free agent Twitter postings over the years.
  9. knightni

    Hahn: Too early to know if Sox will be buyers

    He could drop 100 pounds and still play LF like a cat on skates.
  10. knightni

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    New York's winter weather is much more mild than Chicago's.
  11. knightni

    Hahn: Too early to know if Sox will be buyers

    If it works... it gives them options. Moncada was 2B before 3B, maybe he could get a few looks as well.
  12. knightni

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Imagine a 100k seat retractable roof location where the average guy can get a ticket.
  13. knightni

    Hahn: Too early to know if Sox will be buyers

    Second base and right handed middle relief are definitely the main targets. Marshall has been making me tear my hair out recently.
  14. knightni

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

  15. knightni

    Madrigal Done for 2021

    Adam Frazier available?