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    QUOTE (fattyguy78 @ Aug 13, 2009 -> 12:35 PM) Hawk was saying something ridiculous the other night and correct me if im wrong but i think he said the aj has never been on the dl either...i thought that was crazy considering the amount of abuse his body takes Yes, I heard him say that, too. And I thought the same thing. It's surprising that a catcher who's been playing for as long as he has has not been on the DL.
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    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Aug 13, 2009 -> 10:54 AM) But that all said, AJ brings a lot more to the table than a bat and a glove. This is my line of thinking, too. He's a guy who can lead a team just by being there.
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    Has AJ played any other positions...not necessarily in the majors but in the minors or college?
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    QUOTE (SoxFanForever @ Aug 13, 2009 -> 10:45 AM) Well the Ol' Hawkeroo has been watchin AJ play since his days in Florida as a youngster when the oranges were in full bloom and the breeze was comin off the ocean don'tcha know. Nice
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    Is 2009 really a wash?

    One can't help but feel that this team will not go far in 2009...if they even make the playoffs. Detroit and Minnesota are trying to let the Sox take the division, but the Sox are not capitalizing. Unless some of the key players turn things around fast (Dye and Quentin, I'm looking at you), making the playoffs will be difficult and going deep into the playoffs will be impossible. I agree that 2010 and beyond is what KW is really looking at. Winning the division in 2009 would be a bonus.
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    The offense makes Mike angry (I'm Mike). And I'm not too excited about Pena, either. But, Pena giving up the walk off single to Griffey in the 14th doesn't happen if the Sox were to actually score a run. Pitching was good on both sides, but the Sox had more chances and should have scored.
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    Happy Birthday hogan873 and whitesox91403!

    A belated thanks! I don't check this forum much...
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    White Sox Take Advantage of MLB Market

    Good article. I was and still am a big fan of what KW did in acquiring Rios. He's what the Sox needed, and KW went out and said, "I'll take him, and you'll get nothing in return and like it." Of course, Toronto's GM didn't have a problem with it because he shed payroll. I suspect Rios may take a few games to get comfortable, but his presence will be felt right away. Aside from being a legitimate CFer, he will allow Dye, Pods, Thome, and Quentin to rest without the team resorting to sticking Wise out there.
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    Chicago @ Seattle Gamethread

    Rios and Beckham will get into a friendly hitting war resulting in a combined 12 for 12 with 6 HRs and 19 RBIs. Each will also steal 3 bases. Not wanting to feel left out, TCQ will hit a ball so hard that it will go through the centerfield wall.
  10. hogan873

    Blame it on Rios

    I'm getting tired of watching Dye hit into double plays. He's obviously in a slump, and I'm trying to remember everything good he's done. But, damn, maybe he needs to sit a game or two. I hope that his slump won't be magnified by the acquisition of Rios.
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    Chicago @ Seattle Gamethread

    QUOTE (son of a rude @ Aug 11, 2009 -> 07:14 PM) I hope Blobby Junks is over his kidney stones. It would be nice to have him back and effective. Poor guy just looks like a big teddy bear out there when he's having trouble. Blobby Junks, though...nice.
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    Chicago @ Seattle Gamethread

    QUOTE (GO CHI SOX! @ Aug 11, 2009 -> 08:14 PM) Does anyone know if Rios is playing tonight? He's not starting.
  13. hogan873

    Chicago @ Seattle Gamethread

    QUOTE (joejoedairy @ Aug 11, 2009 -> 07:03 PM) Fister.... hardly know her!
  14. hogan873

    Best Kenny Williams moves ever

    QUOTE (SoxAce @ Aug 11, 2009 -> 04:27 PM) El Caballo for Pods. Can't believe I'm saying that, but we wouldn't have a W.S. ring without Pods in 05. I totally agree. This was going to my favorite for the same reason you stated. Without Pods, the Sox may not have won the WS in 2005.
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    What would Lexi bring back in trade?

    QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Aug 11, 2009 -> 03:14 PM) If he averaged those numbers each year I'd be very happy. Hell yeah.
  16. hogan873

    What would Lexi bring back in trade?

    Did...did you say "Behoove"?
  17. hogan873

    Just a little Kenny Williams appreciation thread...

    I too agree that KW deserves props. If I had the time and the gumption, I would go back and look at what he did and what he sent away in order to end up with Danks, Floyd, Quentin, Alexei, Beckham, Peavy, and Rios. And a lot of the deals he has done came out of nowhere. Arrogantly Quiet...that's what he is.
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    2010 Thread

    The face of 2010 has been largely drawn in the past few weeks. However, there are still holes or at least concerns. I think what happens down the stretch will factor much into what other changes the team goes through before next year. The biggest question mark right now is probably OF. I'd be happy (or at least content) with an OF of Pods, Rios, and TCQ for 2010, but not beyond. 2011 should be the year of Danks II or Mitchell. Then what do we do about the DH? Dye or Thome? Thome's left handed bat may be a better weapon, but Dye has the advantage in age. A rotation of Buehrle, Peavy, Floyd, and Danks makes us all giddy. But, who is the fifth starter? I'm not sure we go out and get another starter. More than likely it's someone from within. Hudson or maybe even Carrasco. I'm not thinking much happens in the off season other than a bullpen arm. So, my prediction: 1 - Konerko 2 - Getz 3 - Beckham SS - Alexei LF - Pods CF - Rios RF - TCQ C - AJ DH - Thome Buehrle Peavy Floyd Danks Carrasco Dye, Jenks, Linebrink, Wise are all gone.
  19. hogan873

    Chicago @ Seattle Gamethread

    Yes, Royce could not hit, but he was a better defensive SS than Alexei and Jose.
  20. hogan873

    Chicago @ Seattle Gamethread

    Feeling bad about having so many OFers and wanting to give everyone playing time, Ozzie has decided to go the way of slow pitch softball: Left Field - TCQ Left Centerfield - Pods Right Centerfield - Rios Right Field - Dye Then he will allow Wise to play a deep SS and run around like a madman.
  21. hogan873

    KW "ruffled feathers"

    Thanks for posting what he said...I can't listen at work either. It is nice to see KW talk like this. I would hope that Dye isn't whining about potentially not getting as much playing time. His lack of offense and suddenly worse defense should lead to a few games riding the bench. I agree that Thome and Pods would be more positive about it. You might even see Pods explode offensively as he turns it on to prove his worth.
  22. hogan873

    White Sox Acquire Alex Rios Off Waivers

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Aug 11, 2009 -> 11:38 AM) If Pods is in the lineup, he'e leading off. I don't think there is any doubt of that. When Pods is NOT in the lineup, I'd like to see Getz leadoff on those occasions, to see how he handles that. But I suspect that is where you may be right, that Rios would lead off when Pods is out. There would never be a reason to NOT lead off with Pods if he's in the lineup, that's for sure. And I would tend to agree with you that Getz makes more sense as the lead off guy when Pods isn't playing. It will be interesting to see where Ozzie hits Rios. Does he bat 2nd over Beckham? That might be a tough decision considering how well Beckham hits in the 2 hole. I suppose the most important thing about acquiring Rios is that he can play a good CF.
  23. hogan873

    White Sox Acquire Alex Rios Off Waivers

    QUOTE (tonyho7476 @ Aug 11, 2009 -> 11:28 AM) What is this lead-off talk? This guy is not a lead-off hitter. I have heard several people say this. I've heard the same thing, and was going on what I've seen and read. I'm not saying he WILL lead off, but he can. He's got decent speed. He's not a true power hitter by any means, and may be a #2 guy. I suspect, however, that we will see him lead off this some this season...maybe even this series.
  24. hogan873

    White Sox Acquire Alex Rios Off Waivers

    Forgive me if this is a repeated thought, but I haven't read all 400+ posts. A lot of what I'm reading on the internet and in the papers and what I'm seeing on TV is the concern over the added money with the acquisition of Rios. It seems like it's always stated that the Sox have added $60 million dollars. But, it's $60 million through 2014, and I think it's $10 million next year, right? Another key note that seems left out when the doubters complain is that there's a good bit of salary falling off the books next year, which makes way for the contracts of Peavy and Rios. If the Sox have a REALLY bad year next year (I don't see that happening), one or both of these guys can be traded. I think this is a good move by KW. He gave up absolutely nothing for this guy. The Sox pick up the contract, but that would have most likely happened in a pre-waiver period trade. Although, I'm sure KW would have pushed for Toronto to pick up some money. So, the Sox get a guy who can lead off, has a very good lifetime BA, has some power, and can steal bases. And the Sox gave up...no one, not even Josh Fields. I like the deal.
  25. hogan873

    Blame it on Rios

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Aug 11, 2009 -> 11:06 AM) Jim has 21 HR this season in 2/3 of the year, with a lot of time on the bench due to interleague play. If he keeps up exactly this same HR rate, he'll get there in 2010. I agree. He could hit 8 or 9 more this year, which would make 29 or 30 next year obtainable. I would like to see it happen in a Sox uniform, but I'm not sure it will. JD may be the better choice for a DH next year.