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    2009: A Big Step To Our Next World Series

    QUOTE (Thunderbolt @ Oct 5, 2009 -> 08:28 AM) Are we still talking about Chris Getz and Jayson Nix here? I'm consistently shocked by White Sox fan's ability to give Chris Getz the benefit of the doubt. That his OPB will show MASSIVE improvement, that his average will dramatically raise, that he will somehow develop power, and play league-aver defense. This isn’t Chris Getz. Not yet, maybe someday, but not yet. It’s a lot to swallow. The platoon works, because Nix does have power, he does have a good eye, and he does play stellar D. but given full-playing time both will be exposed, unless they make huge leaps and bounds. And honestly, Getz has a much bigger leap to take then Nix. I'll be honest and say that I probably didn't see enough of Getz and Nix to express an educated opinion. But, I though that they were both pretty solid at D, but Getz was a better hitter. Nix has the power that Getz lacks, but Getz seemed better at getting on base. Even though I would defer to others' opinions about the defense, I think Getz is the starting 2nd baseman next year, and Nix is on the bench.
  2. hogan873

    2009: A Big Step To Our Next World Series

    I agree that this year was a disappointment, but I also think the Sox are set up for success next year. We have a truly great rotation in Buehrle, Peavy, Danks, and Floyd. And Peavy was absolutely outstanding. To me at least, he pitched better than I thought he would in his three starts. Getz has shown he is ready for the bigs, and Nix is a nice back-up. Beckham...well, he's Beckham. Rios is the CFer we've needed (now let's hope he starts hitting). The bullpen needs a lot of work, and I suspect it will look quite different next year. The fifth starter will be an interesting thing to watch. Garcia, Torres, and Hudson will most likely be the candidates for that battle. I really want to see Kotsay back. He's a great veteran presence and a nice stick off the bench. Aside from the bullpen, I think one of the corner outfield positions and DH are the only other question marks. Without KW making any huge moves, I see a lineup as such: Pods - LF Beckham - 3rd Quentin - RF Konerko - 1st Thome/Dye/? - DH AJ - C Rios - CF Alexei - SS Getz - 2nd But, looking at that, there's not much change. I just don't see any major moves being made that will drastically change the lineup. However, if a first baseman is acquired, then Konerko becomes the DH and Dye is gone. Regardless, the off season should be interesting.
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    2016 Olympics

    This goes to show you that you can't necessarily put stock in the rumors and expectations. It was believed that Madrid would be eliminated early, partly because the Barcelona games weren't too long ago.
  4. hogan873

    2016 Olympics

    I'm not exactly surprised that Chicago wasn't selected, but the first round elimination was a surprise. I'm not sure how to feel. I find the summer olympics to be rather boring, at least in comparison to the winter games. It would have been somewhat cool for it to happen in Chicago. But could you imagine the circus during that time?
  5. hogan873

    Rotten Tomatoes: Worst of the Worst

    I would think they missed some really bad movies. And I agree with the posts that they should not have included the parodies that were supposed to be bad. But, they based their top 100 on critic reviews and their Fresh-Meter. Everyone knows that critics are not going to like Date Movie or Epic Movie. I was surprised that I only saw two from the list: A Sound of Thunder (which was horrific and a slap in the face to the awesome short story) and Dragonfly (which I actually thought was a decent movie).
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    White Sox Parking- Is my math correct?

    QUOTE (rangercal @ Sep 30, 2009 -> 09:27 AM) half of it goes to linebrink Which is fitting since many of the balls he pitches get parked.
  7. hogan873

    The Finer Things In Life

    I found this site while searching for places from which to buy beer. Doesn't seem too bad price-wise. Anybody use them before? http://www.liquidsolutions.biz/home/wall.asp?dept=beer
  8. hogan873

    How Many In The US Share Your Name?

    928 people have the same name as me. Wow. I am not unique at all.
  9. hogan873

    The Finer Things In Life

    I need to make a trip to Binny's and get a good selection of fall brews.
  10. hogan873

    The Finer Things In Life

    QUOTE (FlaSoxxJim @ Sep 29, 2009 -> 09:01 AM) Much better than the Anhauser attempt at a pumpkin beer at least. Have you had Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale?
  11. hogan873

    The Finer Things In Life

    Fall has officially arrived. I picked up a 12-pack of Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale last night. Not exactly a "fine beer" but a fall standout in my opinion.
  12. hogan873

    Vazquez and Swisher Redux

    *angry yawn* Do we really have to keep talking about Vazquez and Swisher? I realize it was this lousy article that brough it up, but enough is enough. Yes, the Sox did not get anything really for Swisher. But he obvously didn't fit in, whether it be with Ozzie or the team or whatever. And as far as Vazquez, good riddance to an almost guaranteed implosion every time he took the mound. Flowers should prove to be a good acquisition in the not too distant future.
  13. hogan873

    The Sox on September 18, 2009

    QUOTE (Tex @ Sep 18, 2009 -> 09:56 AM) That's not him??
  14. hogan873

    Sox consider shutting down Floyd and Buehrle

    With 6 more games against Detroit, it will most likely come down to at least the first series before it can be agreed upon that the Sox are eliminated. So, if they are not eliminated and they decide to shut down Buehrle in addition to Floyd, you'd really have to wonder the decisions by Ozzie and the gang. I can see sitting Floyd if he's hurting, but sitting Buehrle would be ridiculous.
  15. hogan873

    Sox consider shutting down Floyd and Buehrle

    QUOTE (ChiSox_Sonix @ Sep 18, 2009 -> 08:06 AM) Well I don't want to do anything until the Tigers series anyways. Just because you never know. But say we get swept by KC here or something and completely fall out of it. If they decidwe to shelve MB and Floyd they might as well do the same for Danks. Let Peavy, Hudson, Freddy, DJ and Torres finish the year out. If nothing else, it will give the Sox (and us) a chance to see these guys pitch. If next year's fifth starter's job is going to be up for grabs with Garcia, Hudson, and Torres battling it out anyway, this will be a nice preview.
  16. hogan873

    Alphabetical Conversation Thread

    Quentin needs to eat his oatmeal.
  17. hogan873

    Rally Rios?

    Is that Kanye West?
  18. hogan873

    Freddy Garcia Piece

    Absolutely bring Freddy back. He's been solid as a fifth starter and would hopefully do the same for us next year.
  19. hogan873

    We love you Gordon, oh yes we do

    Man, makes me miss living in Alaska even more.
  20. hogan873

    Alphabetical Conversation Thread

    Cartoons still entertain me.
  21. hogan873

    Peavy claims to be ready

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Sep 15, 2009 -> 09:27 AM) The Sox arent going to put him out there if they think he is still hurt. It has nothing to do with them being mathematically eliminated, they are just letting the guy pitch This is what I have been thinking. Not to put words in Peavy's mouth or thoughts in his head, but I would think the Sox will let him pitch if he's healthy and wants to pitch. And being a competitor, I would think he would want to pitch.
  22. hogan873

    Hilarious Plays In Baseball History

    Manny cutting off that throw was funny, but also funny in a sad way. Typical Manny trying to steal the limelight. Wait, sounds a lot like Kanye West....
  23. hogan873

    We now control our own destiny

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Sep 15, 2009 -> 01:37 AM) This thread served as bad luck. We've dropped another game to them in the loss column since it was started and they haven't lost since it was started. I'm still trying to figure out how one season can go down the drain on one roadtrip. I hope we have no obvious losing roadtrips like that 10 gamer next year. It was patently unfair. No team in the Central is going to win at NY and boston that time of year and making us go to Minnie added insult to injury. That road trip was BS, especially considering the time of the season. But, even though it was an unfair road trip, the Sox totally tripped over their own feet and gave away some games. It should have been a 5-5 road trip.