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    The 2009 Chicago White Sox

    After watching the game fall apart yesterday, largely due to sub-par defense, it's easy to say we are a horrible defensive team. But, one could argue that we are a good defensive team after watching them back up Buehrle during his perfect game. What has most recently happened is of course going to be in the forefront of our minds. That being said, there are improvements that could be made on defense. I would hope that there is someone (or two) available via trade, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    QUOTE (lostfan @ Jul 23, 2009 -> 07:53 PM) As completely awesome as the perfect game and everything, you don't throw a no-hitter without at least a little luck. That's not to diminish the accomplishment, it's just that the accomplishment itself is kind of fluky to begin with. True, and with a little help. Wise
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    QUOTE (SHIPPS @ Jul 23, 2009 -> 07:49 PM) I have got nothing but love from my Cub fan friends today. They cant help but respect such an accomplishment to my surprise. And that's awesome. I think when you see a person posting about it being lucky or whatever, they are truly not baseball fans. Did you hear the Rays' announcer when Wise caught the ball or during the final out? Classy. Baseball fan.
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    I've seen comments posted on-line (not here) about Mark getting lucky. Of course many of these were coming from Cubs fans who don't appreciate baseball, but luck had nothing to do with it. 27 up, 27 down. Only 17 other pitchers have ever done this.
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    This may have been posted in one of the previous 300+ posts, but based on the number of games played in history and the fact that this is the 18th perfect game in history, this type of thing happens in .00004% of games played. Un-freaking-believable.
  6. I don't have an issue with the signing of Hossa. Even with the injury and the possibility of him missing some time, he will be an effective addition. The 12-year contract is a bit confusing as I wonder if he'll even play that long. However, he's a big time player and will make an impact. I'm a die hard Penguins fan, and I loved having Hossa two years ago. I didn't like his decision to sign with Detroit, but I still respected the guy and his ability. Being a fan of the Hawks, also, I'm excited to see him sign. He does improve the Hawks' chances at raising the Cup.
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    Read, acknowledged, and agree.
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    Spank the Kiddies

    My parents used more "time-out" tactics when I was a kid, although it wasn't called time-out back then. It was basically "get your ass in your room right now and don't come out until dinner". I remember one spanking, and it was a doozy. So, I pretty much use the same philosophy with my kids. Sending them to their room works sometimes, but when I use the word "grounded", it seems to be much more effective. I can probably count the number of times I swatted my three kids on one hand. They knew they were in big trouble when that happened. If I were to spank them every time they did something that MIGHT merit a swat, spanking would not be effective. So, I don't see the big issue with spanking. There's a huge difference between a spanking and child abuse.
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    State your unpopular opinions

    The drinking age should be lowered to 19. DUI laws should be stricter. Child molesters should be jailed immediately in a general population prison (people who harm children are very unpopular in prison). There is a such thing as reverse discrimination. It happens a lot. Ghosts exist but only interact with those that believe. Marijuana should be legalized. Evolution is a much better answer than creationism.
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    What's wrong with Bobby Jenks?

    QUOTE (WCSox @ Jul 22, 2009 -> 10:44 AM) I've been against trading Jenks for the past couple of seasons, but am beginning to open up to the idea of putting him on the block this off-season (and not just because he's pitched poorly this month). He's getting expensive and, frankly, he isn't an elite closer. He's definitely a very good closer, but not an irreplaceable Rivera- or Nathan-type talent. If the Sox are going into a retooling movement next year (heck, they've already started this year), getting some high-tier prospects and shedding payroll may very well pay off down the road. And it pains me to say this, because I have nothing but respect for the guy. Doing what he did as a rookie in the 2005 playoffs takes some serious stones, and I'll forever be indebted to him for that. But dealing him at some point in the not-too-distant future is probably what's best for the team. I agree. He'll forever be that guy who struck out Bagwell with three 99-100 mph fastballs and who closed the deal on one of the most exciting (and stressful) deciding WS games. You can't help but the like the guy. But it may be time to trade him. Question is, who becomes our next closer? I'm not too familiar with the minors, and I assume that's where he would come from.
  11. hogan873

    What's wrong with Bobby Jenks?

    QUOTE (WCSox @ Jul 22, 2009 -> 10:23 AM) Coop changed Jenks' mechanics after 2005 to put less stress on his surgically-repaired elbow and to allow him to throw those secondary pitches effectively. Jenks throwing 94-96 and being able to locate the hook is a lot more effective than Jenks throwing nothing but fastballs at 98-100. And Jenks able to throw the mid-90s four-seamer, hook, slider, and that change with late movement would be unhittable if he had command of all four. Thanks for the info. I assumed that Coop had something to do with it. I've seen Bobby very effective with his slider (the last K on Monday night), and his fastball has shown some great movement. I hope that he can get command of his stuff. If he does and becomes lights-out, he could bring the Sox a good return in a trade...which I assume will happen.
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    What's wrong with Bobby Jenks?

    I don't think we can compare the Bobby Jenks of 2005 with the Bobby Jenks of 2009 (aside from the chin hairs). However, I see him throwing more secondary pitches now than before. He used to be money with the heat and then the nasty hook. I wonder if his use of more secondary pitches has hurt him. I suppose the days of 98-100 mph fastballs are over, and maybe that's why he needs the slider and change. Watching him, though, I just don't think he has the confidence in his stuff he used to.
  13. hogan873

    Mark Buehrle: The Forgotten Ace

    I always like hearing about the guy who quietly amasses a great career. It's doubly nice knowing that guy is a member of our team. Truly a class act and a great pitcher.
  14. hogan873

    Black Jack McDowell on tonight's loss and closers

    Maybe it was because I've seen Bobby struggle through each of his past few outings, but deep down I knew the game would be blown as soon as I saw him starting the ninth. I had a bad feeling about it. Richard pitched a truly great game, and I think he could have pitched the ninth. I understand pitch counts and whatnot, but I surprised he pitched the eighth. I figured why not let him throw another 10-15 pitches and get a CG. Oh well. On a side note, maybe they should send Richard out for every start after telling him that there is a plane gassed up at Midway ready to take him to Charlotte if he doesn't pitch well. He obviously pitches better when under that type of pressure.
  15. QUOTE (GreatScott82 @ Jul 21, 2009 -> 01:03 PM) What would it take to aqcuire this Cody Johnson? A reliever perhaps? Maybe Atlanta is interested in Linebrink? And if Baltamore is interested in Fields, seriously they could have the guy. Just give us a Single-A prospect and were good. Fields looked utterly lost at the plate last night. Even Hawk was making some comments about how the guy never hits. Good choice for a DH.
  16. hogan873


    QUOTE (WCSox @ Jul 21, 2009 -> 12:08 AM) I'm don't know what's more surprising: Papelbon's high WHIP this season or Rivera putting up Nathan-like numbers at age 40. I love me some Jenks, but I still have a difficult time putting him in the same tier as those three. I'm just surprised that there's a guy named George Sherrill pitching.
  17. hogan873

    What teams do you hate or dislike?

    Cubs and Yankees. Cubs because of the "fans" and the very biased media coverage in Chicago. Yankees because they are the Yankees. Huge payroll, they always try to build a superteam (I love when it backfires, though), and of course the unnecessary media lovefest. I don't really hate any of our division rivals. I suppose I dislike the Twins the most, but mainly because of the Metrodome.
  18. From Wikipedia: Morgellons (also called Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome) is a name given in 2002 by Mary Leitao[1] to a proposed condition characterized by a range of cutaneous (skin) symptoms including crawling, biting, and stinging sensations; finding fibers on or under the skin; and persistent skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores). Current scientific consensus holds that Morgellons is not a new disorder and is instead a new and misleading name for known illnesses. Most doctors,[2] including dermatologists[3] and psychiatrists,[4] regard Morgellons as a manifestation of known medical conditions, including delusional parasitosis,[5][6][7] although some health professionals believe that Morgellons disease is a specific condition likely to be confirmed by future research.[8] Despite the lack of evidence that Morgellons is a novel or distinct condition and the absence of any agreed set of diagnostic symptoms,[9] the Morgellons Research Foundation and self-diagnosed Morgellons patients have successfully lobbied members of Congress and the U.S. government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate the proposed condition.[2] The CDC states that while it is not known at present whether the condition represents a new disease entity, or whether persons who identify themselves as having Morgellons have a common cause for their symptoms, share common risk factors, or are contagious, it has begun an epidemiological investigation of the "Unexplained Dermopathy (aka 'Morgellons')."[10]
  19. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jul 15, 2009 -> 10:09 AM) I believe Morgellans disease There is still some debate about the disease as some think it's not real. From what I read, it sounds like he was actually having pain when with the Sox. I'm not one to say whether or not he was actually suffering from a disease, but he certainly was not himself from that point on.
  20. hogan873

    Sox All Stars 1951-2009

    I'm not a big fan of how the All Stars are selected. I agree that the fans should have some say, but there were guys playing last night that were batting .270. Why didn't Dye and Konerko make the team? Well, I know why...I guess it's a rhetorical question.
  21. hogan873

    Halladay Superthread

    QUOTE (flavum @ Jul 14, 2009 -> 04:47 PM) The Sox aren't getting Halladay, and they'll never trade Beckham in the next decade. I agree that the Sox are not realistically in the sweepstakes to acquire Halladay. KW will not trade away Beckham, and I don't see him trading Alexei either. If KW were to get Halladay without giving up Beckham, Alexei, Poreda, or the other few "untouchables", he'd be a thief.
  22. hogan873

    Halladay Superthread

    QUOTE (kev211 @ Jul 14, 2009 -> 04:36 PM) I wouldn't do floyd straight up for halladay. Me neither. We really wouldn't gain anything.
  23. hogan873

    Halladay Superthread

    QUOTE (Thunderbolt @ Jul 14, 2009 -> 04:31 PM) IF initial talks included Floyd, Beckham and Alexei then this deal was dead before it even got off the ground. I agree. Sox would be nuts to even consider it.
  24. hogan873

    Halladay Superthread

    I'm not sure dealing one of our best pitchers (along with others) for Halladay would be worth it. I would think any deal the Sox come up with would be more prospect heavy, although I know the Jays would be looking for someone MLB ready.
  25. hogan873

    Top Sox Moments So Far

    Yes, the moments have been few, and it seems that everyone remembers the same ones...they are great indeed. But what about when MacDougal was DFA'd?