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    Fire Sale Prediction Thread

    You know what's scary (and maybe a little exciting)...KW could go into fire sale mode and dump salary and pick up some youth, and this team could still compete in the lousy AL Central. It would be The Kids Can Play Part II. I'm not saying the Sox could take the division, but it would still be interesting. And the team might be more fun to watch with the likes of Beckham, Poreda, J. Danks, etc. taking the field. In reality, I think many of us would actually calm down and be satisfied with the season if some trades were made AND some good prospects were picked up.
  2. hogan873

    White Sox sign Freddy Garcia.

    QUOTE (Y2HH @ Jun 9, 2009 -> 08:19 AM) I sometimes get the feeling around here that people wish Player X (let's use Pods as the example here), would fail miserably, just so they can say, "I told you so!$#@#$!$#", regardless of the affect it has on the team. I've been around this website for quite a few years -- before the influx of "talent" in 2005 =D, and I have to say that there was a time when criticism was much more constructive around here, compared to now where it doesn't matter what the Sox do, it sucks...and if it turns out to be ok, we get 50 stupid f***ing posts about eating crow. How about eating s***, instead. (This wasn't directed at you, either.) Hey, at least these posts make for entertaining reading.
  3. hogan873

    White Sox sign Freddy Garcia.

    QUOTE (Y2HH @ Jun 9, 2009 -> 07:44 AM) You noticed this, too? Anything the Sox do sucks if you listen to the majority of this website -- and heaven forbid they bench Brian "The Savior" Anderson and don't let him play 162 straight games per year -- that's unacceptable, too. I, too, have noticed the barage of negative posts regarding almost every move the Sox make. Granted the signing of Garcia is a yawner and nothing may come of it. But so what? A minor league contract just to give the guy a chance? Who cares? When the Sox signed Pods (to a minor league contract), you'd have thought the world was coming to an end if you read the majority of the posts. Hmmm, looks like that was actually a good signing. Now I am fully aware that this site is for opinions of the fans, and that everyone has a right to post how they feel about signings, games, how many doughnuts Colon consumed, etc. So, why do some of us feel the need to bash others for expressing their opinions? Do I think Garcia will be a great signing, and he will contribute a lot to the club? No, but it's a minor league contract. He wasn't signed to take the place of anyone. If he was signed and slated to start tonight, and he went out and got his ass kicked, then we could all say, "What a stupid move."
  4. hogan873

    Present Your Theories Here

    I think it's more inconsistency than anything. True this is not a great team, but it's a team that can (and should) compete in the lousy AL Central. A 5-1 road trip, which included a trip to Anaheim and a sweep of KC leads to a so far horrendous home stand complete with two shutouts? The team has shown that they can play and have even looked very good at times. But when they are bad, they are VERY bad. I'm not sure the inconsistent play will go away, but I can hope.
  5. hogan873

    Is Gordon Beckham a Bust?

    I thought I read that Ozzie is trying to circumvent MLB rules and allow GB to bat three times in the lineup. He'll bat for himself, Chris Getz, and Jayson Nix. If he is still on base when he has to bat again, they will allow a "ghost runner".
  6. hogan873

    Is Gordon Beckham a Bust?

    Yeah, where is Herbert Perry anyway?
  7. hogan873

    Is Gordon Beckham a Bust?

    QUOTE (Thunderbolt @ Jun 4, 2009 -> 11:14 PM) I couldn’t stop crying after the game so I tried to get some sleep. I woke up in a puddle of my own urine and in a Wonder Woman consume. Neither of these things made sense, but one thing is for certain. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT GORDON BECKHAM!!! Nice.
  8. hogan873

    White sox shutouts...

  9. hogan873

    braves acquire nate mclouth

    Having grown up in Pittsburgh and being a hard-core Pirates fan until the strike year and the dissolving of a once great team, I'm frustrated with the Bucs always trading away their good/great players. I know it's all about the money, but this is a team that has a wonderful stadium and a oddly-big fan base in an awesome city. With their trading of players, it's like they are nothing more than a farm team for the rest of the league.
  10. QUOTE (GoSox05 @ Jun 4, 2009 -> 06:48 AM) This is more exciting than the Jonas Brothers coming to town. *swoons*
  11. Why couldn't Beckham's first game be a night game? It's not the same watching the play by play on Yahoo. Oh well, it's still a great day for the Sox. Hopefully he will energize this club.
  12. hogan873

    The "Ace" the Sox can get

    Plus, if he moved over to the AL he wouldn't hit and therefore couldn't hone his Gatorade machine destruction.
  13. hogan873

    The "Ace" the Sox can get

    I remember hearing that Z wanted to finish his career as a White Sox as he has always been a fan and likes Ozzie. That aside, there is no way the Cubs would deal him to the Sox, and I'm not sure the Sox would even want to explore that. I don't think he's miserable as a Cub. I think that is just the way the guy is. He's very emotional and flies off the handle way too much. He would be doing the same thing in a Sox uniform, I'm sure.
  14. hogan873

    Whitesox Frustration

    Jerry Owens and Wise over BA. Todd Ritchie
  15. I could see the Sox bringing him back and even keeping him on the bench as a very occasional PH.
  16. hogan873

    Bring back the trade winds sub-forum!!!

    I agree. I always liked poking through the trade winds and getting excited, then let down, then excited, then let down, then dozing off, then waking up and getting excited again. With the trade winds, we could consolidate all of the threads about NL pitchers too afraid to pitch in the AL, using their excuses of "it's what's best for my family", "Ozzie is mean", "AJ scares me", "my pants are too tight", etc.
  17. hogan873

    12 Game Homestand

    Before opening the thread, reading it, and changing my mind with every post, I said 7-5 to myself. Other people in the room were giving me strange looks as I talked to myself, but I don't care. Although 7-5 is an above .500 record, and I would be satisfied with that, I would love to see 8-4 or better. I'm not sure it's realistic, but if they keep playing like this you never know. A four game sweep of the struggling A's would be a great way to start. The very important part of this homestand is the 5 games against Detroit. It is conceivable to come out of this homestand in first place in the AL Central. We cannot, however, rely on doing so with the Detroit series only. So, beating up on the 19-30 A's would give the Sox a nice head start and a good head of steam going into a long battle with the Tigers.
  18. hogan873

    Books Thread

    Reading Sea Change by James Powlick. Good stuff.
  19. hogan873

    Anybody see this...

    I was reading up on this and thought I saw JR's name mentioned. The other interested party was looking to move the team to Hamilton, Ontario. I wonder if Reinsdorf's intention would be to move the team, and if so where? I know that the Glendale location is terrible for that team. I don't know if the Chicago area could support a second hockey team...not that he would move them here.
  20. hogan873

    Trade Idea...

    Josh to the Cubs straight up for Milton Bradley. Then the Sox can sit Bradley for the rest of the season so we can stop hearing about him and his antics. Seriously, though, I like the idea of Cunningham.
  21. Well, keep playing like they played these two games against the Angels and the Sox could easily be at or near the top of the division by the all star break. Even discounting the 17-3 pasting, the pitching has been good, the defense solid, and the situational hitting is even getting better.
  22. Good analysis of what the team needs to do in order to have a chance. Playing .578 ball before the all star break (and beyond) is achievable, even with the team as it stands now. If they are in this position come June/July, expect KW to make a move or two which would hopefully strengthen the chances of taking the division. Winning last night (big) against the Angels was huge, and one would hope they can take at least one more against the Halos. That would be a great start towards being in a favorable position at the all star break.
  23. hogan873

    Better chance at winning the Central Division?

    Although I'm not convinced the Sox have a good or even decent chance of winning the division, I feel that they stand a better chance of doing it than the Cubs...right now. The Cubs are faltering, but that won't last. What will last, I believe, is their inability to pull it together. There's a lot of talent on that team that doesn't seem to play well together. The Sox may have less talent, but there seems to be a better cohesiveness. I hope, anyway. Plus there's the fact that the AL Central is a very weak division. The NL Central is a bit stronger.
  24. hogan873

    Hey haters

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ May 26, 2009 -> 08:45 AM) Hawk told me so. Yeah, I heard Hawk saying that he'll end up with a ball between the eyes or in the ear, dag gummit.