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  1. Best record in baseball.  With three starters missing.

    Today's win featured some different heroes (and zeroes).  I don't understand Burr in the 10th, but he did his job.  Marshall sacked up after shitting his pants in the 8th.  Yaz with a HUGE hit at the end.  Leury and Mendick continue to contribute.  Jose found his bat.  Vaughn and Collins big at the plate.

    It really is amazing how well this team is playing with what they're missing.  Truly the sum is greater than its parts.

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  2. Just now, bmags said:

    I'm here too. I don't care if it's petty, I am incredibly annoyed how little mlb twitter has paid attention to the sox, and quite honestly Rays are right there. They've ignored both.

    About the only Twitter talk the Sox get outside of Sox Twitter is from Pitching Ninja.

  3. 30 minutes ago, manbearpuig said:

    So when Hamilton comes back, is Vaughn being optioned the likely move? Assuming they want to have as much depth as possible so they don't DFA anyone and to give him every day at bats. Same idea as when people were saying Mendick would get optioned. 

    I don't see Vaughn going anywhere.  He's hitting fairly well at the MLB level, and this is the best way for him to learn.  Eaton to the IL and/or DFA'd would be more palatable, for me anyway.

  4. Keuchel has been great his last few times out, and yesterday he was really damn good.  I think earlier in the season he was trying to finesse too much and didn't have the best feel for his pitches.  He seems to be very comfortable on the mound now and is trusting his stuff.

    Way back before Eloy and Robert got hurt, who would have said, "Thank god for Adam Engel"?  Well, thank god for Adam Engel.

    Leury had a nice game.  His pick that started the DP was impressive for a guy who doesn't play a lot of 3B.

    A really nice team win.

  5. 4 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

    Let's not confuse the Rays with the historic late 1920's/early 1930's Yankees teams, offensively.

    *checks calendar* Well, it's 2021, and the Rays have the best record in baseball.  The banged up Sox with a patchwork OF and IF beat the aforementioned best team in baseball by playing a complete game led by some outstanding starting pitching.

  6. Mercedes is certainly not as good a hitter as he was early in the season, however, I don't think he's as bad a hitter as he is right now.  He's going to need to make some more adjustments and stop getting himself into 2-strike holes.  I don't know what a full season of Yermin looks like, but we may not get to see that if he doesn't improve pretty soon.  Luckily for him, though, there aren't much in the way of better options right now.

    It seems like Eaton is playing with a bunch of nagging, prolonged injuries.  He seems to hobble around in the field and doesn't seem to have much of a base when he's at the plate.  Unlike with Yermin, there are several options for RF that are better than him right now (Goodwin, Lamb, Leury).

    Leury has been hitting better recently.  He's still a decent bench piece that is being over-used due to injuries.

    Vaughn will be streaky as he continues to learn at the plate.  I'm not concerned about him, and he needs to play every day so he can continue to get better.

  7. Looking forward to getting to a game.  Between the family and some friends, we'll have a decent sized group, and with limited capacity it was hard to find enough seats even close to each other.

    Watching the games on TV, the crowds have seemed electric.  It'll be nice to experience that in person.