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  1. This game SHOULD be a pitching duel.  But we've seen potential pitching duels turn into offensive onslaughts before.  I'm thinking the Sox score a couple early, and Giolito has a solid start.  Bullpen covers 2+ innings, including a clean 9th from Hendriks.  Sox win 3-1.

  2. Vaughn's HR was a thing of beauty.  He is getting better and better as a hitter, and he'll be a mainstay in a powerful Sox lineup for years.

    Lynn's performance was great, even though he struggled with command a bit here and there.  The guy is a work horse, and his fastball-heavy arsenal works well especially when he locates the sinker and cutter.

    Kopech continues to impress.  He was pure filth last night and has been all season.  It's fun to watch him pitch.

    Good overall team win last night.

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  3. Lynn stopped the slide with a dominant performance on the mound while Andrew Vaughn supplied the power.  Now it's Giolito's turn.  Can he have another great outing after he put the team on his back last time?

    It's the American League Central's best vs. the National League Central's best.

    Flaherty (8-0, 2.53 ERA) vs. Giolito (3-4, 4.35 ERA)

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