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  1. 7 minutes ago, The Beast said:

    I shop at the Mariano’s and Aldi in Westmont and Darien and everyone I saw was wearing masks even though the stores mentioned the CDC guidance.  Maybe it depends on where you live and I think it will change soon, but I was thinking that people are wearing them because they just don’t trust other people to be truthful.

    It's a real concern.  A lot of anti-vaxxers are most likely also anti-maskers.  So, I would bet as soon as they heard the CDC's latest guidance they disposed of the masks knowing no one is going to challenge them.  They'll never change, at least most won't, so it'll be up to the rest to get vaccinated so they won't matter (as much).

  2. 28 minutes ago, Iwritecode said:

    I have yet to walk into a store and see less than 90% of the people wearing masks. Even the ones that say they aren't required for fully vaccinated people. I have yet to see a single store employee not wearing one as well.

    I was surprised yesterday.  I'd say about 30% or more of the employees were not wearing masks.  My daughter knows a couple people that work there, and they said it's not mandatory for fully vaccinated employees.  My son works at WalMart, and employees are still required to wear masks for now.

    I think we'll start to see more and more places drop the mask mandates, even though no one is checking to see if people are vaccinated.  With close to 50% of the 16+ population fully vaccinated, I would think that the majority (more than half) of folks without masks are vaccinated.

  3. On 5/21/2021 at 4:47 PM, The Beast said:

    I’m going grocery shopping at Mariano’s and Aldi soon. I’ll bring my mask and wear it even though I am vaccinated because I am doing whatever I can to protect my son since he can’t get vaccinated yet. I’m not sure if that will do anything but I feel better wearing it. Hopefully nobody at either store will have a problem with that.

    Went to Mariano's yesterday.  They now have a sign on the doors stating that masks are not required for fully vaccinated people.  I wore mine in and wanted to see what percentage of folks were wearing masks before I made a decision.  I'd say it was about 50/50.  I eventually took my mask off, but it felt really weird not having on one.

  4. 3 minutes ago, fathom said:

    Sox have 3 runs in their last 37 innings. 2 of those were scored on an infield hit and a blooper.  Thank god the Sox prioritized speed and defense instead of power.

    They had plenty of power, but about 70 HRs and 200 RBIs are on the shelf.

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  5. Just now, chitownsportsfan said:

    On the verge of a sweep.  First real test of the season.

    Exactly.  Sweep seems likely right now.  It’ll be vital to see how the team responds.

    Never thought I’d say this: Engel can’t get here soon enough.

  6. 5 minutes ago, HOFHurt35 said:

    $18 million + for a starter that misses no bats.  $18 million + for a catcher who sucks. $13 million + for a closer you barely use.


    Rick Hahn SUCKS

    The shitty performances by Grandal and Keuchel are on them.  They need to step up.  The lack of using Hendriks is on TLR.