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  1. hammerhead johnson

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    You said before that Arrieta is having a once-in-a-generation year. Look at his 2014 stats on fangraphs. He was just as good, although he only had 25 starts (check WAR per start). Predicting injuries is meaningless, why even say anything? Dexter Fowler is a 110 wRC+ hitter at this point - very replaceable.
  2. hammerhead johnson

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    LOL at the Cubs winning only 80 games next season. Get your brain in gear, Harry. You must have been thinking about the organization that is the White Sox. This post has been edited by the Soxtalk staff to remove objectionable material. Soxtalk encourages a free discussion between its members, but does not allow personal attacks, threats, graphic sexual material, nudity, or any other materials judged offensive by the Administrators and Moderators. Thank you.
  3. hammerhead johnson

    Cubs-Mets (Better Team) NLCS

    Go Cubs!
  4. hammerhead johnson

    Samardzija/Hammel Traded to A's

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 6, 2014 -> 03:46 PM) The Cubs don't have the money to pay Scherzer/Lester/Shields/Price. Come 2016 or thereabouts, they'll sign a couple guys to mega deals. You can't tell me that they won't have the cash.
  5. hammerhead johnson

    Samardzija/Hammel Traded to A's

    Great trade. They're working on a 90s Indians or 90s Rangers type lineup. Don't be jealous, now.
  6. hammerhead johnson

    Erik Johnson to AAA

    5.70 BB/9 and a .356 BABIP ouch! Come on back, though. Abreu will hit a couple grand slams and cover your ass.
  7. hammerhead johnson

    Jose Abreu general discussion

    Ain't been nothing like this since 2003/2004 Frank Thomas.
  8. hammerhead johnson

    Jose Abreu general discussion

    ISO Standings as of 4/25 1. Jose Abreu .368 2. Albert Pujols .359 3. Troy Tulowitzki .338 4. Adrian Gonzalez .319 5. Michael Morse .314 2013 Final ISO Standings: 1. Chris Davis .348 2. Miguel Cabrera .288 3. Brandon Moss .267 4. Edwin Encarnacion .262 5. David Ortiz .255
  9. hammerhead johnson

    Sox @ Tigers, Quintana vs. Scherzer, 4/24, 12:08, CSN

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 24, 2014 -> 08:03 PM) 2/3 of an inning 2 hits and a walk. Looks like he's ready to close to me. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 24, 2014 -> 08:04 PM) Where's hammerhead now? Yo, I'm right here. I'm here now. It's only one game, man. Don't worry about it. Far better relievers than Webb have been abused by the Tigers offense. We should be happy that Ventura actually used him correctly.
  10. hammerhead johnson

    White Sox @ Tigers - WCIU 6:08 PM

    Yeah, I was just checking in to witness the outrage over Webb being used in a meaningless game, but his name wasn't even mentioned. So, when he's truly needed in a couple days from now, Ventura will rest him.
  11. hammerhead johnson


    Son, that was a serious White Sox winner. Play of the game was when Gillaspie and Flowers collided on the pop-up, and Tyler wanted to kick Conor's ass. You could just sense the tension. I hope he kicked his ass after the game.
  12. hammerhead johnson

    Odds on Paulino?

    QUOTE (hammerhead johnson @ Apr 20, 2014 -> 05:01 AM) I read nothing, but I'd say that the odds are not good. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 20, 2014 -> 02:05 PM) I'm not surprised. Did anyone else see this scathing diss?
  13. hammerhead johnson


    That's it? That's all anyone has to say after the day Marcus had? But you're cool, Dick. I always thought so. It takes a lot of balls to have a picture of Yoko Ono in your avatar. Chick is more hated than Hanoi Jane.
  14. hammerhead johnson

    Odds on Paulino?

    I read nothing, but I'd say that the odds are not good.
  15. hammerhead johnson


    Semien camp. Get your s*** together for 2015. Remember, only hitter with promise that K-Dub ever drafted. And of course I'm checking Courtney's fangraphs page every other day. 190 wRC+ in 60 plate appearances aiiiight. I'm down on my knees, son. Make it two.