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  1. flippedoutpunk

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I am especially invested in Trubisky's development this season since I bought his Jersey during the offseason. Not the screenprinted kind either
  2. flippedoutpunk


    You can make it the same and not hurt anyone’s feelings
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  4. flippedoutpunk


    Wow I am shocked and frankly appalled at these accusations.
  5. flippedoutpunk


    If you get banned I’m changing my name to Tom Longo’s Ghost, and I’ve had this name since 2004
  6. flippedoutpunk


    I’ll follow you to the gates of Valhalla brother
  7. flippedoutpunk


    This is going to be like when you found out who the bad guy was in the Scooby Doo Cartoons
  8. flippedoutpunk


    Greg is still around? That dude is a legend
  9. flippedoutpunk

    KW on Jimenez/Kopech

    Sup bro
  10. flippedoutpunk

    2014 Video game thread

    QUOTE (Tmar @ May 1, 2014 -> 01:47 PM) Don't believe him everybody, he doesn't have internet. He hasn't played with Jose and me in 2 months now Carl uses his tmobile hot spot from his flip phone to download call of duty updates, it usually takes heem about 3 days to finish a 900mb download.
  11. flippedoutpunk

    Automobile Thread

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Apr 30, 2014 -> 09:46 AM) The number one piece of advice I got from friend that sells cars at a dealership - be willing to walk away. They'll bend over backwards to make a sale if you're close. +1 If you have invoice in hand and youre willing to walk away, you will win 100% of the time
  12. flippedoutpunk

    2014 Video game thread

    QUOTE (Chilihead90 @ Apr 22, 2014 -> 09:17 PM) I wonder why they would change that. It's SO easy to navigate on the PS3. You click the PS+ section, it then gives you a category for free games or discounted games. Super simple. I'll just map out what I'm doing and you let me know........ -Click PS Store -On the main menu, I choose "Playstation Plus" -It then shows me 6 titles. They read (from left-top, to right-bottom)......Playstation Plus, Never Tried PS+? Get 14 Days Free, April Free Games Lineup, 12+ Months, 3+ Months, 1+ Month -So I would then assume I should click "April Free Games Lineup".... -When I click that, it shows me 3 items to purchase. 12+ Months, 3+ Months, 1+ Month. This screen is the same as a screen that would list all the games available, but instead of showing game art, it shows the purchase options. I think the problem is that if you own a PS4 you basically NEED playstation+ just to play online, so they dumbed down the menu and stuffed all the free playstation+ games into the generic free-to-play category. Playstation+ was sort of an exclusive club on ps3 for those that chose to pay for it. On PS4 playstation+ is the standard much like xbox live.
  13. flippedoutpunk

    Automobile Thread

    For those buying a new car, I dont know if this has been mentioned yet but using www.edmunds.com is probably the best tool out there for those not too experienced with car buying. Through the site you can build the exact make and model car that you are looking to purchase, add all the extras features you want on it, and it will total the MSRP and (this is the big part) the INVOICE price. It sucks as a prospective buyer to have these stealerships try to make you pay more than the vehicle's MSRP once taxes and all the fees get added, so with the build-a-car feature on the edmunds web site, you can start negotiations from where it should start, the actual invoice price. I swear by the site and I bought a new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk for $3k less than the invoice price, just by having the build-a-vehicle print out sheet with me during the negotiations. The invoice prices shown on the edmunds site are 100% accurate from my experience because everything from the print out I had matched the actual dealerships Priced Order Confirmation when they originally ordered the vehicle from the factory. As one poster here mentioned, NEVER start negotations by talking about monthly payments. This is probably the worst thing you could possibly do because lets say "Jimmy" is looking to buy a new mustang and he goes into the dealership setting his monthly limit in his head to $400 a month. Jimmy tells the dealer this number and the dealer will be more than happy to accomodate you right away. This is because now, for a vehicle thats supposed to cost $30k the dealer can manipulate a number or two here or there to add more to the OVERALL cost of the vehicle all while keeping you obliviously happy at $400 a month. The $30k car can become a $35k+ car and you wouldnt know better because you dont even know what the invoice price for the vehicle is. When you have the invoice price at hand, you can get your $400 a month and owe thousands less over the course of your loan. Hope this helps!
  14. flippedoutpunk

    2013 Video Game Thread

    QUOTE (GoodAsGould @ Jul 16, 2013 -> 05:52 PM) Has anyone here played the GranTurismo/NeedforSpeed series of games and which one would you recommend and assuming there is online mode people actually play on for both? Yep, Gran Turismo is perfect for someone looking for a true racing sim, the cars are supposed to handle and feel like their real life counterparts, you can customize everything on the car, i mean real gearhead stuff (gear ratios, suspension height, downforce, power distribution on a limited slip differential, and tons more), the race tracks are detailed to the very exact specs as their real life counterparts as well in terms of track width and every bump and turn you go through. Need for speed is an arcadey racing sim that is still very fun and has a fairly nice amount of depth. i had a blast playing need for speed most wanted, for those times when you just want to hop in a cool expensive car and unrealistically rip through a make believe city. The online modes for both titles are very active, even to this day.
  15. flippedoutpunk

    MMA Thread

    QUOTE (Knuckles @ Jul 6, 2013 -> 11:47 PM) Well, Anderson Spider Silva just got knocked the f*** out. What an odd fight. It felt like Anderson wanted to lose, like getting the belt off his waist was a relief for him at his age. Congrats to Weidman anyways, what an exciting fighter