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  1. MEANS

    Sox Jerseys/Gear

    I have an authentic Konerko from a few years back but that is it. I love the 1917 uniforms and wish I would have picked up a jersey when I worked for Majetsic and they made them.
  2. MEANS

    What music have you bought lately ?

    grabbed some new stuff and catching up on some old gems that I missed out on as well: New- Liz Phair, St. Vincent, Czarface/MF DOOM, Lana Del Rey Old- Shabazz Palaces, Outkast (Aquemini), J. Dilla (Donuts), Redman (Muddy Waters), Black Thought (Streams of Thought Vol. 1-3), Quicksand (Slip)
  3. MEANS

    Sox City Connect Jerseys

    I work within the uniform/apparel design industry so my take might be skewed a little. I'm surprised that these aren't as bad as I expected and with a few tweaks could actually be nice uniforms. -"Southside" needs to be more legible it can read at a quick glance as: "Smithside" -"S" in Southside coming from SOX logo, I like the intent but just doesn't feel correct, looks chopped. -Hat is bad....just go with the classic current black hat -pair these with white or grey pants, not black, look like pajamas and too much of that Gangsta feel -I'm guessing that is a light heathered texture? -Kinda wish the player names were in white As a few others have said these would be nice to replace the GOD AWFUL '83 UNIFORMS
  4. MEANS

    5/19 Chicago @ Minnesota 12:10

    he's so nervous, he doesn't know where his pitches or throws (to 1st) are going to go....
  5. MEANS

    5/19 Chicago @ Minnesota 12:10

    Gio just doesn't have it....
  6. MEANS

    f*** Off Twins

    but...but...he disobeyed the sign and swung.....GMAFB
  7. MEANS

    5/13: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    Isn't the game against the Yankees not the Cards? Did it change?
  8. MEANS

    5/13: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

  9. MEANS

    5/13: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    Sounds like he's (YG) using a difference stance to help frame pitches while protecting his knee, don't know about ZC though....
  10. MEANS

    5/13: Minnesota @ Chicago White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    2021 the year of catcher interference...
  11. please say it was @greg775 that made the post...
  12. MEANS

    5/7: Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 7:10 PM CDT

    Trying to find a way to blow this….wtf
  13. MEANS

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    He pinch hit for Dallas in the 8th, K’d looking.
  14. MEANS

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    Doesn’t matter who’s managing this org always plays so fucking dumb…
  15. MEANS

    The Say Sorry to Rick Hahn Thread

    Bah…..apologize? He should apologize to us for how long we’ve been waiting and nothing has really been accomplished yet. It’s still early in the season but “we” should apologize? That’s ridiculous.