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  1. iWiN4PreP

    5/9 Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City Royals 1:10 PM CDT

    lucas looks bad, needs to get fixed. Very lucky/fortunate for the stat line today really amazing what this team is doing given the injuries and shithole of a manager to deal with. really being carried by kopech/rodon/cease doing amazing things. Run differential is insanely impressive.
  2. iWiN4PreP

    That's a shutout in KC White Sox Winner

    Truly pathetic. Even when it first began, I was always super upset at TLR taking out Vaughn so early in games. As others have mentioned, he isn't bad in LF. I haven't seen him screw up yet. B-Ham, J-Lamb, and N-Willy should not be on the roster, plain and simple.
  3. iWiN4PreP

    5/7: Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 7:10 PM CDT

    welp, it's been a tough start to the season for us sox fans, but we sit in a good spot record wise. the TLR manager debacle has started off as everyone has expected...horribly. Our depth has been challenged and it has not been successful. tonight we have a game against the budding young royals, should be pretty fun. baseball is a beautiful game with so much balance. Such a wonderful sport.
  4. iWiN4PreP

    5/2 Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland 1:10 PM

    We are doomed
  5. iWiN4PreP

    Which pending FA should Sox target at deadline?

    I think the correct answer to this thread is whomever will cost us only expendable pieces... I wouldn't trade anything of our limited value for 0.5 of a season. Save the good good for a controllable asset. So if we can get Max Scherzer for some middle/back prospects? Sure. If not, then pass. We will probably make some lowkey moves rather than get a stud. I'm ok with that right now. Although, I'd be interested in Gallo as he would give us an extra year of control.
  6. iWiN4PreP


    I think the Royals are legit. They have a good deal of pitching depth coming up from the minors, and if they continue to win or stay in the race they will not be afraid to bring up super stud Bobby Witt Jr and other pitching prospects. They also get back Aldaberto Mondessi soon. They have a legit roster and a tough team. With some luck, they can compete with the white sox or twins. They seem to have a management who will go for it as well.
  7. iWiN4PreP

    The Yermin-Vaughn-Abreu Conundrum

    There's absolutely no way it makes sense for the diamondbacks. The D-backs should probably trade Marte at some point to maximize their rebuild, but it won't be for an OFr like Eloy. They have 3 elite OF prospects coming up. The NL will likely get a DH, but I highly doubt they'd trade their key piece for a DH.
  8. iWiN4PreP

    MLB Batting

    Batting average might be one of those stats that starts off slow due to the cold weather or other factors? I mean, I know it's low these days due to batters going for the HR, but might be uncharacteristly low due to the start of the season.
  9. iWiN4PreP

    The Show

    I also have to mention how their servers are absolutely awful so far. Really causing terrible problems for many users who have lost data/games and hours of time due to it.
  10. iWiN4PreP

    The Show

    Menus are pretty awful, IMO. For most people I've seen that has been the biggest negative.
  11. iWiN4PreP

    The Show

    Those of you franchise players should consider diamond dynasty. I was a franchise only player for years until I started to learn a bit about DD. Franchise isn't going to be expanded anytime soon, it just doesn't make the companies money. If you want to experience franchise in single player, then go play OOTP or whatever it is. It's much more extensive in that aspect. Diamond Dynasty is definitely an amazing mode. MLB The Show does it better than any other sporting game. Right now, I have a lot going on in my life so I am only dedicating a little time to the game. I'm focused on collecting as many cards as I can through the various modes and I love building my team. I was a world series player last year, but will likely not play too competitively this year. Mostly focused on the offline grind.
  12. iWiN4PreP

    The Show

    They ratings update for the first few weeks of the season will come out soon/later. Once that first update happens, they usually update once every 2 weeks.
  13. iWiN4PreP

    Dane Dunning Thread

    Dunning > Lynn.
  14. iWiN4PreP

    CLE @ SOX, 1:10 PM Central

    Hey to each their own, and I don't necessairly agree that MLB players should only focus on MLB, but having a hobby like music with that kind of offseason... i could see Moncada as a guy who's not 'into it' as much.