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  1. Yes the Dodgers would give up a lot for Anderson
  2. 74-88, Tim Anderson is on the Dodgers and Giolito on the Angels at the deadline. The depth on this team is so bad that just an average injury year will destroy them.
  3. Funny because when he goes on rants, he reminds me of a past President
  4. I see Yoshida is your new Puig
  5. What makes you so confident in Kopech over Steele? Steele is coming off a much better season, and both have the same number of MLB starts.
  6. Yeah the homerism is strong. Cubs pitching was actually great after the ASB. If Giolito and Kopech are throwing 91-92 mph this year, give me Steele over both of those guys also.
  7. I would take Stroman, Taillon and Steele over Clevinger in a heartbeat. Steele was superb last season in the second half.
  8. I expected upper 90s as a starter…and so did the Sox. I don’t think anyone ever expected him to be in the 90 range, unless it was a slider. Who knows what we will see with him this year.
  9. Cubs rotation should be very solid if Steele continues his 2nd half dominance. It will be interesting to see who’s better this year, Kopech or Wesneski.
  10. He’s got to be 94-96 IMO with his inconsistent command. Meanwhile, two good swings by Kath.
  11. Shouldn’t you be ripping on Harold saying he has no sources
  12. Madrigal literally took 4 steps to throw the ball from third to first. Nice homer by Vaughn
  13. Here’s the best way to sum it up. I thought Kopech threw a bad change up, and the replay shows it was a fastball. Oh well, at least they have a ton of depth this year.
  14. It’s just he’s looked horrible since his opening outing. Cubs minor leaguers are all over him
  15. No way he’s 100 pct and that’s his velocity
  16. The fact Hawk thinks Jerry isn’t having fun anymore and should sell gives me hope!
  17. Fegan has an awesome prospect update out now. Something of note is Montgomery is out until late April with oblique issue. Good news is a lot of the other named guys seem healthy.
  18. I wonder if they keep Burger instead of Leury if Alberto is out
  19. There’s a chance some of these guys just aren’t good anymore for one reason or another. There’s been absolutely no power so far from the projected starters.
  20. Grandal looks terrible catching once again in ST.
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