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  1. To everybody who thinks this season is hopeless, take a look at this. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?page=05expertpicks Not sayin', just sayin'.
  2. QUOTE (JoeCoolMan24 @ Apr 8, 2011 -> 01:45 AM) Yeah, WCIU blows. I'm another person who can't get WCIU games. Since last year I couldn't stand missing the roughly one game a week aired on WCIU, I got MLB.tv this year for this very purpose. I live in White Sox broadcast territory so I'm blocked from watching the game live, but I'll be able to watch the archived game tomorrow morning. So it looks like a media blackout for me tonight and a doubleheader tomorrow.
  3. Experience is something you got when you didn't want to get it.
  4. I mean, you can't be serious. At least we're only down by one.
  5. QUOTE (chw42 @ Apr 10, 2010 -> 12:02 AM) We're going to start scoring more sooner or later. These things always regress to the mean, and this team should be able to score 4.5 runs a game when they do. If we had scored 4 runs instead of 3 in 9 innings these past three games, we'd have at least 2 more wins. I'm as frustrated as anyone but I agree. We actually have a positive run differential this season so far. We've been unlucky so far, as there were several oppurtunities in the last couple of games to win just by getting at a simple bloop hit. Things will even out over time, as this team is not going hit .150 or win at a .250 clip all year.
  6. At least the Sox are showing their true colors right away so we won't have to waste our time every night on this s*** much longer.
  7. Oh god. Linebrink walks the leadoff man. Where's my antacid?
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