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  1. That funky motion

    Alright begin

    Timo time
  2. That funky motion

    Alright begin

    Ready for some chicken
  3. That funky motion

    Alright begin

    Don't they call you the cat lady
  4. That funky motion

    2013-2014 NHL thread

    @strombone1: Can't wait to see you next week @GMMikeGillis .............. :-) Luongo is crazy
  5. That funky motion

    2013 TV Thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 29, 2013 -> 08:12 AM) Dexter starts again tomorrow Ray Donovan looks good after too
  6. That funky motion

    2012-2013 Official NHL thread

    The Bruins size seems to be a problem for the Hawks.
  7. That funky motion

    Wow. Business closing. 130+ years old in Chicago

    That's sad.
  8. That funky motion

    Triggers that remind you of the White Sox

    Tone Loc......Let's do it. Let's do it!!
  9. That funky motion

    North Korea

  10. That funky motion

    2012-2013 Official NHL thread

    Andy Scott ‏@Andy_Scott15 A few trusty sources saying NHLPA - NHL deal will be announced tomorrow..... #FinalStretch #AboutTime
  11. That funky motion

    2012-2013 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Dec 30, 2012 -> 07:13 PM) It's a good thing the Bears traded Olsen to make Mike Martz happy. Olsen's not an All-Pro but damn would be helpful. I think we used that pick to get Marshall.
  12. That funky motion

    Baseball Manager Online (Soxtalk League)

    I want in also
  13. That funky motion

    2012-2013 Official NHL thread

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Nov 15, 2012 -> 10:04 AM) Why is it that hockey concussions tend to be way more severe than NFL concussions? Or is the NFL just way more lenient on when a player can come back? Helmets are a piece of plastic with a little foam. They really don't offer any protection unless you get the good ones. The problem with the good ones is that they are heavy and the pros don't like em.
  14. That funky motion

    Technology catch-all thread

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Nov 13, 2012 -> 04:15 PM) Thats what I'm thinking. Plus Costco's return policy is such that I can return it pretty much at any time if it breaks or if I hate it. Keurig will replace it for you, if it ever break for life. The Green Mountain hot chocolate is great if you can find it.
  15. That funky motion

    2012-2013 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (RZZZA @ Nov 12, 2012 -> 06:40 PM) Well I know a guy who says he met Urlacher at a restaurant in Vernon Hills and he said he was very nice an approachable, just a little grumpy if you bother him when he's eating. He use to come in my car wash, about 8 years ago and was always very nice.