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  1. bmags

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Honestly I don’t know the package or the desire but if semien is a possibility it should be all hands on deck. The offense would be incredible and buoy against slow returns from Eloy, Robert.
  2. bmags

    Adam Frazier to Padres

    Man I wish the original timeline for Escobar had been real, he’s been very good in July and late june
  3. bmags

    Question on Brewers/Sox tickets last night

    Well if he couldn’t remember his TM password I think it’s moot
  4. bmags

    Trade Deadline Thread

    I would be shocked.
  5. Nice work Sox. Let’s develop em now.
  6. Zach Lavine joins team USA to learn how to play on a winner. Team USA loses 3 of first five matches
  7. bmags

    Today's Crazy Play as I Saw it

    You can actually.
  8. bmags

    Today's Crazy Play as I Saw it

    This is exactly how I feel.
  9. bmags

    Carlos Perez

    He absolutely should be protected. He has mlb ready defense and could even be in AAA by end of year.
  10. bmags

    7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

    Wow. Exciting stuff.
  11. bmags

    7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

    I always forget how dumb NL is
  12. bmags

    7/23 Games

    lol yermin homered
  13. bmags

    Trade Deadline Thread

    I like Marquez but I don't want sox to do anything that disruptive, especially to essentially solve SP longer term. The time for taking on a huge contract to get an elite player probably ended last year - that roster spot is too valuable. Sox have a great core right now. I think getting rental players and solving a limited number of positions year to year is the best approach, and keeping flexibility in case an elite player becomes available unexpectedly.