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  1. bmags

    May 7th Games

    It actually started ringing a bell when I saw some Sox blogs on it. Kinda black out on 2020 stuff.
  2. bmags

    May 7th Games

    So I was really confused about Duke Ellis. His milb said he was drafted by the Padres but found this, he was a udfa signing last year (the 5 round draft) https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.burntorangenation.com/platform/amp/2020/6/19/21297378/duke-ellis-signs-chicago-white-sox-kamron-fields-ncaa-transfer-portal Starting CF in W-S he must have impressed a bit
  3. bmags

    May 6th

    Bham was bad after but McClure was good. Who knows timeline but after spring training I feel pretty good he may be SP depth or BP piece. Definitely wasn’t his trajectory two years ago.
  4. bmags

    Albert Pujols

    Good lord, this is so juvenile. Please just start a chain email for stuff like this.
  5. bmags

    Albert Pujols

    Perhaps pujols could be turned into some sort of double-agent that we allow him playing time to chase records if he convinces his mentor and manager to retire.
  6. bmags

    Albert Pujols

    That 2010 team was a lot of fun too, and it all just seemed like it came to a screeching halt when that idiotic move was made. Seems familiar. Lillibridge was weirdly good in June that year, Andruw Jones was awesome. If they didn't roll with Kotsay at DH that's a playoff team. 88 wins...crazy.
  7. bmags

    May 6th

    First two nights offense was a lot of fun. I thought bats would be way behind.
  8. bmags

    Albert Pujols

    You're welcome.
  9. bmags

    Albert Pujols

    Honestly shocked when I just looked up Ramirez numbers with us. They were way better than I remember. Wasn't he hitless like his first month? He finished with a .420 obp...whaaaa
  10. bmags

    Albert Pujols

    this is really starting to feel like Major League with Jerry throwing obstacle after obstacle in front of the team except the sox are good. Please nobody "well actually" me about how the team in that movie comes back to force a one-game playoff.
  11. bmags

    May 5th Games

    Sheets 3-5 with 2 doubles
  12. bmags

    May 5th Games

    Sheets and Rutherford two more hits a piece. TiQuan Forbes homered. He’s still somehow only 24. He was a little interesting in 2019 as he started to walk more, but power never came through. If it has arrived that could still be a potential utility guy.
  13. bmags

    May 5th Games

    And Gladney had a double. Kanny is so much fun
  14. bmags

    May 5th Games

    Bryce Bush homer!