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    Sox @ Rangers -- 5/29/05

    QUOTE(kapkomet @ May 28, 2005 -> 06:15 PM) It's pretty bizarre that the game got rained out. We haven't gotten *ANY* rain since about mid-March except one time, and today it poured all day. Pretty crazy. Hopefully they get tomorrow in, as I'll be there watching. hey kap i think im headin 2 ameriquest tomorrow aswell..where are ur seats?? went up 2 the park 2day damn storm..supposedly storms here in texas all week hopefully we can get this one in 2morro
  2. peanut33tillman

    Uribe's "foul call"

    ridiuculous..paulie is 1 of the main leaders of this ball club but there was absolutely no reason PK need to call out uribe like this KEEP UR DAMN MOUTH SHUT AND LEARN 2 HIT THE f***IN BALL!! as a matter of of fact at baseball practice today we were talking about that very play and each player on my team applauded it and thought of it nothing more than smart baseball..i mean hell it saved us a run baseball isnt about being nice its about winning baseball games and if tellin the opposition a ball is foul when in reality it isnt so be it..lee should have should have been motoring
  3. peanut33tillman


    QUOTE(SoxFanForever @ May 12, 2005 -> 09:32 PM) Hell yeah!! Eat s*** birds all around a decent game defensively timely DP balls JG pitched another gem hermy came out and did what hes done all year long...heres 2 another sox winner!!
  4. peanut33tillman

    Game Thread 5-11-2005 Sox .vs. Suckfish

    QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ May 11, 2005 -> 05:10 PM) Woa...woa...woa...although I love your avatar, I'm not letting you get away that easy. Please, explain this one. Ill explain it on the side of ozuna hes been nothin but a very solid all around player for us has hit extremely well(hitting over .300) not 2 mention a couple clutch hits here and there i'd love 2 see him on the field a little more..but timo?? no thank u
  5. peanut33tillman

    Game thread 4-19 Sox .vs. Twinkees

    QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Apr 19, 2005 -> 06:55 PM) Iguchi's swinging the bat real well the past few days, I'd prefer not to take him out when he's hitting this well. ditto gooch 5-6 i believe...
  6. peanut33tillman

    4/18/05 Official Game Thread: Sox vs. Cakes

    QUOTE(RegionSox @ Apr 18, 2005 -> 09:59 PM) Am I alone in actually liking Chop Suey? even the good ones blow em IE: mariano rivera...does any1 remember shiggy converted what was it 19-20 last year?? hes gonna b alrite i admit im losin faith in shingo but i stil have a bit of confidence in him....but no doubt hermy has looked much better
  7. peanut33tillman

    Ozzie vs. Frank, round one?

    QUOTE(Steff @ Apr 18, 2005 -> 08:01 AM) You took the words right out of my mouth Mike.. Apparently Ozzie wasn't listening when I tore Kenny a new a-hole about this s***. It makes me so sad that Ozzie is so selfish that he needs to make headlines about himself.. my opinion.. HE is the problem and the team doesn't need this distraction and HE should be relieved of his duties. woah now steff lets not get ahead of ourselves here...first off ur a very solid poster and i usually agree with most of ur posts but not here however..i feel ur right ozzie needs 2 STFU and quit acting so self centered but 2 then turn the tables on him claiming u want his a$$ canned is another story in its self..the players love this guy and i can almost bet u anything ozzie is the type of manager who wants it more than any1 else out on that baseball field and ur willing to give him the boot?? hes got the kids playin hard right now and seems to have a clue unlike the managers in the last 10 years or so.....
  8. peanut33tillman

    Mariners @ Sox Game Thread (4/17, 2:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(Sox Hustler @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 03:31 PM) Wether we win or lose, its always a good thing...Twins lost! which is exactly the reason we should want this game even more...we have to gain ground sure its early but lets a build a little lead here in the division cmon now!!!!
  9. peanut33tillman

    Mariners @ Sox Game Thread (4/17, 2:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(robinventura23 @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 01:24 PM) Don't understand why Ozuna can't be starting in left. Or Harris in center for that matter. I've seen enough of Timo for awhile. :banghead it has to do with timo being a lefty facin the righty meche IMO..i feel that if we were facing moyer today ozuna would leadoff and play out in LF but im not the manager so who knows
  10. peanut33tillman

    Mariners @ Sox Game Thread (4/17, 2:05 p.m. CT)

    predictions: freddy goes 7 2 ER 5 H 2 BB pickin up the W against his old buddies PK goes deep again for long ball #7 crede keeps that hitting streak in tact most importantly a sox winner 4-3!!
  11. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    damn hernandez is strugglin today...cleveland fans really are jackasses
  12. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ Apr 14, 2005 -> 07:39 PM) After four, the Sox lead the Tribe 5-4. I can't believe we are winning this game. i know its early but i really like this new look squad..seems to me unlike years past this team is MUCH more confident coming from behind lets get a W here 2nite boys
  13. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(ZeroHour @ Apr 14, 2005 -> 07:35 PM) Hes currently fighting new hometown favorite Joe Randa for PT at third (and Cincy "uberprospect" Encarnacion in the long term) and the ghost of Brandon Larson. In the middle infield, the Reds are pretty happy with D'Angelo and Aurilla. That infield, while not stacked, makes Freel the odd man out in Cincy. Freel played a little OF aswell last year but he wont be seeing any action with dunn, ken pussy jr, willy mo and kearns out there...poor guy
  14. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(ZeroHour @ Apr 14, 2005 -> 07:29 PM) Not necessarily off topic becaue it was brought up but...our 3b "situation" Im going to say it again. Ryan Freel. The guys a scrapper and definitely stuck on Cincy's bench. Im a little less high on him now with that DUI business, but you have to admit that he would be a nice fit statistically. i do like freel kids a good athlete but arent the reds still high on the kid despite the DUI charges??
  15. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ Apr 14, 2005 -> 07:28 PM) LOL well how about that addison??
  16. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    thata baby uribe..his first 2 bagger of the season drive him home now willie!!
  17. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    2 down crede pops up
  18. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    oops quoted that reply wrong
  19. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    QUOTE(LosMediasBlancas @ Apr 14, 2005 -> 07:14 PM) uh oh, no more injuries! LOL sorry but geez el duques hangin that curve 2nite and its been tee time 4 the tribe
  20. peanut33tillman

    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    quit hangin that mother f***in curve there el duque s***!!! another 2 bagger 4 the tribe
  21. peanut33tillman

    Podsednik news....

    QUOTE(BridgeportHeather @ Apr 13, 2005 -> 10:44 PM) I am so glad we have depth everywhere. Ozuna seems to take Pods' place fairly well, so I don't think we're gonna miss a beat when it comes to putting together quality games for victories. It's nice to have total confidence in a team. ya ozunas really impressed me..i didnt get a chance to catch many ST games but obviously ozuna had a great spring with the bat but whats impressed me those most is his ability to get on with the bunt..very alex sanchezesq like.. kids got wheels and defines the term "small" or "smart" ball for our beloved sox!! keep it up boys 6-2
  22. peanut33tillman

    And That's a White Sox Winner!

    QUOTE(jackie hayes @ Apr 13, 2005 -> 10:29 PM) I did say "fans". Honestly, I have my doubts about Ozzie's faith in Shingo, but I wasn't blaming him here. I'm not arguing with his use of Shingo at all. I just think that the one bad outing by Shingo has caused some overreaction here. agreed this has been takin out of proportion a bit..shiggy will be shiggy if u noticed he wasnt throwin the frisbee and was leavin the fastball up last week against the tribe...hes gonna be alright still coverted 2/3 but either way i no hermansons a pre dominant SU man but he seems like a relaible arm outta the pen to close the game if shingo struggles...have confidence guys shingo will be alright as long as he can keep hitters out front with that deadly frisbee pitch
  23. peanut33tillman

    What would you add?

    QUOTE(Leonard Zelig @ Feb 8, 2005 -> 10:28 PM) For those who said 3rd base, is it just Crede's bat you are unhappy with, or do you guys think he is a poor fielder? hes not a bad fielder at all its his bat that bothers me..joe's flaw is that long swing he takes at the plate instead of a quick punch but hopefully joe has gotten that swing of his corrected this offseason and can perform the way i believe he can
  24. peanut33tillman

    What would you add?

    3rd base but i have conifdence young crede can get it done..2nd worries me as well remember iguchi is no sure thing and weve all seen what willie can do
  25. peanut33tillman

    Maggs Update; Tigers are Close

    as much as it pains me 2 see maggs sign with an interdivision foe the tigers are far from taking the central lack of starting pitching hurts..tigs-4th place finish n the central book it