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    White Sox @ Tribe Game Thread (4/14, 6:05 p.m. CT)

    quit hangin that mother f***in curve there el duque s***!!! another 2 bagger 4 the tribe
  2. peanut33tillman

    Podsednik news....

    QUOTE(BridgeportHeather @ Apr 13, 2005 -> 10:44 PM) I am so glad we have depth everywhere. Ozuna seems to take Pods' place fairly well, so I don't think we're gonna miss a beat when it comes to putting together quality games for victories. It's nice to have total confidence in a team. ya ozunas really impressed me..i didnt get a chance to catch many ST games but obviously ozuna had a great spring with the bat but whats impressed me those most is his ability to get on with the bunt..very alex sanchezesq like.. kids got wheels and defines the term "small" or "smart" ball for our beloved sox!! keep it up boys 6-2
  3. peanut33tillman

    And That's a White Sox Winner!

    QUOTE(jackie hayes @ Apr 13, 2005 -> 10:29 PM) I did say "fans". Honestly, I have my doubts about Ozzie's faith in Shingo, but I wasn't blaming him here. I'm not arguing with his use of Shingo at all. I just think that the one bad outing by Shingo has caused some overreaction here. agreed this has been takin out of proportion a bit..shiggy will be shiggy if u noticed he wasnt throwin the frisbee and was leavin the fastball up last week against the tribe...hes gonna be alright still coverted 2/3 but either way i no hermansons a pre dominant SU man but he seems like a relaible arm outta the pen to close the game if shingo struggles...have confidence guys shingo will be alright as long as he can keep hitters out front with that deadly frisbee pitch
  4. peanut33tillman

    What would you add?

    QUOTE(Leonard Zelig @ Feb 8, 2005 -> 10:28 PM) For those who said 3rd base, is it just Crede's bat you are unhappy with, or do you guys think he is a poor fielder? hes not a bad fielder at all its his bat that bothers me..joe's flaw is that long swing he takes at the plate instead of a quick punch but hopefully joe has gotten that swing of his corrected this offseason and can perform the way i believe he can
  5. peanut33tillman

    What would you add?

    3rd base but i have conifdence young crede can get it done..2nd worries me as well remember iguchi is no sure thing and weve all seen what willie can do
  6. peanut33tillman

    Maggs Update; Tigers are Close

    as much as it pains me 2 see maggs sign with an interdivision foe the tigers are far from taking the central lack of starting pitching hurts..tigs-4th place finish n the central book it
  7. peanut33tillman

    Complete The Sentence...

    spod.. if this guy can revert to his playing days in 2003 we will have a serious stud manuvering LF and no im not talking bout el caballo..pitching-el duque it is vital he stays away from the injury hes been plagued by injuries in the past but this is a stud pitcher when healthy and a very good postseason pitcher...if we can make it anyways just my 2 cents
  8. peanut33tillman

    hey fellas

    newbie here...well sort of i use 2 post under the old account maggs30sox but since the basturd got cheap on us i decided 2 stick 2 my old chi bears forum name but anyways im just here 2 talk 2 good o'l sox baseball with u guys
  9. peanut33tillman

    Iguchi very close to signing a 2 yr deal?

    thanks 4 the heads up jabroni fogot about bellhorn re-upping with the sox...i got a gut feelin iguchi will be a whitesox very very soon
  10. peanut33tillman

    Iguchi very close to signing a 2 yr deal?

    QUOTE(DBAH0 @ Jan 22, 2005 -> 08:44 AM) Uhhh I don't think the Yanks were really interested in him in the 1st place. Iguchi wouldn't have signed there to backup Tony Womack and Derek Jeter either. It's the White Sox or Japan for Tadahito. i guess thats good news the yanks are always a threat 2 nab a player but i thought our main contender in the iguchi race were the bo sox
  11. peanut33tillman

    Iguchi very close to signing a 2 yr deal?

    i'd love 2 c this deal go through and put the ! on KWs offseason..this team could use sum much needed depth up the middle i mean hell all of us here obviously arent set as Mr.Harris being our everyday 2B...kudos kenny helluva job
  12. peanut33tillman

    A reminder from espn.

    yup saw that story earlier i dont know what it is with espn but they just love 2 hate on chicago teams except for those lovable losers...though i dont take into account for what they say believe me when i saw these guys arent anymore intelligent that u or i...but my favorite espn quote was.."the indians should take this divison by at least 3 games" WTF is that all about! sure the tribe is a young and hungry team but at the moment this team isnt ready 2 take over the central nor are they good enough
  13. peanut33tillman

    hey fellas

    QUOTE(Chisoxfn @ Jan 20, 2005 -> 06:02 PM) Welcome aboard. However, I hope your referring to Maggs being greedy cause JR ponied up the cash and made a substantial offer to Maggs. Just my 2 cents though. Regardless welcome yesir i am reffering 2 maggs being the greedy 1...quite the stab n the back eh?