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  1. kwill

    Jake Burger 4 DH!

    I am 100% percent in the minority on this but Burger should stay down in AAA to get more ABS. For one thing, he just hasn't had much time at Pro-Ball. Pitchers need to adjust to him and get a scouting report. Then Burger will need to make adjustments back. The man only has 360 professional at-bats. Yermin himself had 220 last year and put up this slash line 310/386/647. Most people would like us to see send him down on this thread. I prefer to give Yermin a bit more of a leash allowing for Burger to season a bit more down in the minor leagues. See how he does at 2nd Base and allow to him develop a bit more. The Sox continually get criticized for pushing guys on this board- I'm surprised how much of a push Jake is getting. BTW, Don't get me wrong, I am rooting for the guy.
  2. I don't think this name has been thrown out there but David Peralta would be a good fit. I know the name doesn't really get fans excited but he is kind of the player they need. Somebody who can string together quality at-bats from the left side and is adequate playing in left field. He usually ends up between .340-.350 on base with a 290 average. He doesn't hit for much power. The cost would probably be a low-level minor leaguer and picking up his salary which is 7.5 this year and next year. Again, He is not like this incredible player but unless the White Sox want to give up somebody on the major league roster adding anybody of significance is going to be difficult. Jared Kelly probably our best prospect not on the roster is probably a top 125 prospect which is not that great. Also, I don't think it would hurt to see Gavin Sheets or Blake Rutherford regular at-bats for a cup of coffee.
  3. kwill

    Marshall Needs To Be Sent Down

    I think relievers are fickle creatures. I probably would have sent Jose Ruiz packing as he pissed me off through the years. But, He is looking pretty damn good right now. I would just switch Ruiz and Marshalls rolls as of now.
  4. kwill

    2021 BOLD predictions thread

    Yoan Moncada will reach his full potential and take home the AL MVP Award hitting over .300 40 HRs and playing over 150 games.
  5. kwill

    Sox vs. Yankees Comparison

    I thought this was pretty well put together and things can change during the season. Like Could I see Frazier struggling and Eloy becoming a MVP canidate- definitely. I think he has that kind of bat but in general only a slight difference in opinions. Honestly, I didn't think the Yankees were this good until I saw this breakdown. The Yankees are a hard team to judge because their star players seem to be constantly on the DL.
  6. kwill

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    Their has to concern that he short arms the ball and has control issues. Fulmer had the same issues. Now Burnes strikes everybody out which is great but the walks are an issue. I don't even know if they are fixable with that delivery.
  7. Fuck boys. My fault. I totally misread this and criticism is definitely warranted. Yeah, This deal is not so bad. I mean 13 million for a reliever is pricey but at least he is the best going now. I do still hold out hope we can get up to 150 payroll but whatever as long as we win.
  8. For a franchise that is very stingy with money to drop 18 million a year on a reliever for the next 3 years minimum is not the smartest move. If we had 180 million dollar payroll, cool. 130 Million dollar payroll not so much.
  9. kwill

    Katz on our Pitcher Progress Summary

    Look at all these future Hall of Famers we have now.
  10. kwill

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    I just to say that giving a 32-year-old reliever 4 years is a terrible idea. We don't have a ton of money like the Cubs or Yankees. We need to use it wisely not just be happy that they are spending money.
  11. This made me chuckle. But seriously, the comment and thought process is very sexist. God forbid somebody have fun with being a free agency and bring some entertainment to baseball free agency. I know baseball does such a good job of promoting it on their own.
  12. You're right, she only represents the reigning NL Cy Young Winner. Btw, Would you have this comment if it was a 30 year old man repping Bauer? Get the fuck out of here.
  13. This is literally her calling out the White Sox to make an offer. Now is the time boys! 2/70 million. Get it done!
  14. One thing this does it really lowers the market for Bauer and Springer. This whole time its been " well lets see what the Mets get". I have to figure this is their big move. I wonder if this helps with the price range for Bauer, Springer and others. Could you still get a Springer for 4-$100? Who is going to be offering him money?