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  1. BBaum21

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    I’m a Naperville Central alumnus and covered Lopez when he was with the Redhawks and he’s a great guy with great family, but you hit nail on head with that. Constant refrain from Benetti every time the Sox play the Royals. Does get a little old sometimes.
  2. BBaum21

    All Star Game Thread

    They did, Lip. 2016 was the last year, I believe.
  3. BBaum21

    NLCS: Cubs vs Dodgers

    QUOTE (fathom @ Oct 22, 2016 -> 10:37 PM) Only part of the rebuild they got lucky on is Arrieta and Hendricks. Try getting Rizzo for Cashner while Hoyer was Padres' GM, in addition to Russell.
  4. BBaum21


    I'll take a PM, Rock, if you're willing.
  5. BBaum21

    Chris Sale

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jul 5, 2014 -> 11:15 AM) ESPN has Sale, Ramirez, and Petricka making the all-star team... Just curious, where did you see that? Saw a page with ESPN experts picking their respective teams and Petricka wasn't found on any of them. Glad to see they all had Sale in, as he deserves it despite that DL stint.
  6. BBaum21

    Sox Draft Carlos Rodon> Draft Day Discussion Thread

    QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Jun 6, 2014 -> 12:21 PM) Clearly they think they are going to need to sign their #3 draft pick underslot to be able to pay for the first two. Completely understandable, although I would loved the guy from SDSU that the Twins took. That bullpen might be good quite quickly.
  7. BBaum21

    Sox Draft Carlos Rodon> Draft Day Discussion Thread

    QUOTE (scs787 @ Jun 5, 2014 -> 09:45 PM) I want Burdi if he's there....could be a LH SU(or closer) man next year if not sooner. Burdi isn't left-handed.
  8. BBaum21

    8/8 Gamethread Sox at Baltimore

    QUOTE (sin city sox fan @ Aug 8, 2011 -> 06:39 PM) You realize we could take 10/10 from them now? Hope you're right. A sweep would be nice.
  9. BBaum21

    8/8 Gamethread Sox at Baltimore

    QUOTE (pettie4sox @ Aug 8, 2011 -> 06:36 PM) Glad to see the offense show some fire, but it is the O's.=\ We are expected to win against them. You realize they took 3/4 from Sox earlier this year, right?
  10. BBaum21

    Fantasy Baseball

    I'd be interested in a head-to-head league.
  11. BBaum21

    Question about the broadcast

    QUOTE (Jenks Heat @ Mar 6, 2009 -> 11:15 AM) I got a little ticked at the ending of yesterday's game when Len remarked that the Sox barly pulled it out. As oppoossed tothe seeing eye singles and error that even allowedthe cub to score. Come on. It also seemed that Len and Bob didn't really have much to say about the Sox while Stone and DJ seemd ot cover both teams. Gotta tell ya I like DJ on the radio. Glad someone pointed that out about Kasper. Not a fan of Kasper and ditto on the "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" rendition making me sick.
  12. BBaum21

    Rumors: Sox/Reds Talking Dye for Bailey Swap

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Dec 8, 2008 -> 11:30 AM) Haven't seen you around in awhile. I've been around. May have some interesting news to share with you next week.
  13. BBaum21

    Rumors: Sox/Reds Talking Dye for Bailey Swap

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Dec 8, 2008 -> 12:16 PM) Wow, it's amazing how many people have no idea what Jermaine Dye has done for this organization. If he's traded for Bailey, that's fine with me, because the organization is being thrown on it's head right now and when you can get a talent like Bailey (in this situation) you do it. However, someone actually typed that Jermaine Dye is trash. Despite the many ways that baseball-wise this is inaccurate (I'll start with the fact that he's been our best hitter over the last four years), but he's also a great guy and probably, actually very easily, a top 5 White Sox for me. I love him. Some of you fans are ridiculous (anyone who would call JD trash) and can go back to the North Side where you were before 2005. Well said Steve. Well said.
  14. BBaum21

    Grinder Bash Tonight

    QUOTE (tonyho7476 @ Jul 25, 2008 -> 10:31 AM) There are 2 of them. Tonight starts at 5...probably to 7 or 8. That clears that up rather nicely. Thanks!
  15. BBaum21

    Grinder Bash Tonight

    The Grinder Bash is tomorrow and starts at 11:00 AM. That's what my two tickets say. Not sure if that got changed.