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  1. Middle Buffalo

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    OK, TLR, since you couldn’t figure out the double switch, let’s move Vaughn to left, Engel to center, Goodwin to right.
  2. Middle Buffalo

    2021 italian-Heritage Nite?

    For sure. Italians are excellent organizers. Allegedly.
  3. Middle Buffalo

    Sox @ Brew Crew, 7/25, 6:08, Game Thread

    I’m neither a TLR apologist nor constant detractor, but no matter how this turns out, his failure to double switch is ridiculous.
  4. Middle Buffalo

    Today's Crazy Play as I Saw it

    Again, going back to the NFL example, let’s say a defensive player picks up a loose ball and starts running to the end zone. The ref blows the whistle, so everyone stops running but the guy who picked up the ball. If the refs later reconvene and say the ref shouldn’t have blown the whistle, and it’s now a TD, that would be ridiculous, and I think everyone would agree. Moncada missed the plate, but he was clearly called safe (physically and more than likely verbally), so neither he nor the Brewers thought he had to go and tag home or be tagged by the catcher. It’s ridiculous that several minutes later it’s appealed and he’s called out. No point crying about it at this point, but it’s definitely a bad rule that will probably be changed or clarified. The ump is NOT supposed to signal safe on that play. It happens several times a year that the ump makes no signal and either the catcher tags the play or the player touches the plate. That’s what is supposed to happen. Signaling safe at home play effectively ends the play for everyone.
  5. Middle Buffalo

    Today's Crazy Play as I Saw it

    Someone said it earlier, and I agree that signaling safe at home plate is the equivalent of an NFL ref blowing the whistle. The play is essentially dead at that point considering the player who “scored” goes to the dugout. NFL refs blowing the whistle early happens waaaay to often, and often results in potential game changing plays not being allowed. This is similar. If Moncada hears or sees the safe call, there’s no reason for him to go back to touch the plate. Oh well, let’s scrape out a win today and maybe pick up another game on the Guardians.
  6. Middle Buffalo

    Sports Media discussion

    38 years later, this game still made me nervous. I watched the whole game in 15-20 minute chunks. Such a different game. Pitchers not selling out on every pitch. No strike zone graphic or speed gun. No pitch framing.
  7. Middle Buffalo

    Sports Media discussion

    It makes no difference to me if the broadcasters travel or call the game using monitors. I enjoy the product, but if I’m listening to Benetti and Stone, I can see the game. They add to it (esp. Stone for me), but I can also watch with the sound down and have virtually the same experience.
  8. I know it’s easy to say after a walkoff HR, but I really like Sheets. He just seems like a pro hitter. Nice swing. Makes hard contact. I have no problem with the Sox not addressing OF right now.
  9. The next step in his recovery will be catching BP so he can slowly get used to interfering with live bats.
  10. Middle Buffalo

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Not naming names, but someone clearly has rabbit ears.
  11. Middle Buffalo

    Official A's Relocation Thread

    I went to an A’s game in Oakland a few years ago. I was surprised at how decent the stadium experience was. Clearly a football stadium masquerading as a baseball stadium, but overall not bad. Outside the stadium was abysmal. We came in from SF on the train, and it is barren. I’d like to see them stay, though. It’s a club with a good history.
  12. Middle Buffalo

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    Exactly my thought. Many more variables at 1B. I don’t see why people keep suggesting 1B as an option for a guy who can’t even play LF with any situational awareness.
  13. Middle Buffalo


    3rd best record in the AL. Biggest division lead of any team in baseball. I’ll take that.
  14. Middle Buffalo

    GT 7/6: SOX @ MIN, 7:10

    They’ll start giving him multiple innings soon.