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  1. TaylorStSox

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    When did I mention that she was right about the cake? I said I can imagine why she's "overly defensive." I have no idea why you're talking about the "victim mentality" in that reply, but it seems like you have an ax to grind and you couldn't wait to post that canned response that had little to do with my post.
  2. TaylorStSox

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    Don't you think it's kind of obvious why women would be overly defensive in that environment? I would imagine she's probably right in most of those interactions.
  3. TaylorStSox

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    ESPN lost me when Sportscenter stopped being witty and funny and when they started producing daily shows that are male targeted versions of Dr Phil or any other daytime network TV.
  4. TaylorStSox

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    Sports media is so manufactured, boring and redundant that taking a short break makes you realize how little actual value there is. There just isn't that much to talk about in a 24 hour cycle, so they're intentionally manufacturing bullshit to piss people off.
  5. TaylorStSox

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    About 10 years ago I pretty much rid my life of sports media and it was surprisingly easy. No more talk radio. No more ESPN. I listen to some podcasts and research on my own terms when I have time. For me, it helped put my relationship with sports in perspective and none of those things bother me anymore.
  6. TaylorStSox


    And here I thought we passed the point of mocking people who disagree with some metrics by saying they "don't understand them" like 10 years ago. Oh well.
  7. TaylorStSox

    Steve Stone / Yoan Moncada's "Lack of Effort and Interest"

    I've always like Stone, but Jesus, show a little tact, my guy.
  8. When you're as big as Robert, every hard step you take is high impact. Just because it wasn't a collision doesn't mean it's not putting excessive force on his body.
  9. I was agreeing with you.
  10. There's not much insulation from losing 2/3rds of your Of for the season, especially when they're both potentially among the best players in the game. It sucks, but nobody can plam for this significant of a loss.
  11. That Burger is is still playing competitive baseball is insane.
  12. I'm trying to tell you that carrying that much lean mass at his age and having this type of injury is very unnatural.
  13. He's much more Mike Cameron than Griffey Jr. Tbh, if this injury and his physique don't make you question some things, you're in denial.
  14. Brutal. I'm really not a fan of a kid his age being that lean and carrying that much muscle. He looks over-trained for a baseball player. Tearing a hip flexor running out a routine play isn't normal.
  15. For reference, Bo Jackson dislocated his hip, popped it back in himself, tore out all the cartilage on the top of his femur and had avascular necrosis. Call me crazy, but Robert's injury doesn't remind me of Bo Jackson.