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  1. Big Hurtin

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    Trying to find where JR hid the checkbook.
  2. Big Hurtin

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

  3. Big Hurtin

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    Some buttholes just got tight
  4. Big Hurtin

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    Who would have thought Abreu's defense would be better than his offense at this point
  5. Big Hurtin

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    Cuba, Dominican Republic, what's the difference?
  6. Big Hurtin

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    No WAy ELoY PlAyES IN tHe OUtFieLD WhEN hE COmeS BAcK.
  7. Big Hurtin

    Trea Turner

    Ugh, It's gonna be a loooong week.
  8. Big Hurtin

    Chafin to be moved soon

    Any relation to Avery Schreiber?
  9. Big Hurtin

    The Cleveland Guardians

    Pfft, kids. It's the Cleveland Naps.
  10. Big Hurtin

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Just to get it on record, it will be something like this. We like where we are, we have an *8 game lead (whatever it ends up being on Friday) in the division. We don't have to add from outside because we just got Jimenez back and Robert (maybe Grandal) will be back soon. There were talks with other teams, but we just didn't feel the value was there for us.
  11. Big Hurtin

    Collins Catching Complaints

    Kudos to the thread starter for the double meaning. Other than that, I got nothin'.
  12. Big Hurtin

    Sox @ Brew Crew, 7/25, 6:08, Game Thread

    Whatever happened to the plans that they would be traveling now?