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  1. Has the delicacy been renamed the “Nothingburger” yet?
  2. Greg Hibbard

    Jose Abreu - BAD in high leverage situations

    To sum up your 2021 thoughts: Yermin had completely arrived as a major leaguer after 100 at bats or so, but 3 or 4 bad at bats in between .900 OPS weeks in the midst of a stellar career is all it takes for you to consider Jose terrible again, right? Really it all speaks for itself.
  3. I figured you would avoid the question and resort to an attack like this, but I just wanted to point out to the rest of the board what a obscene hypocrite you are. God forbid you actually take a step back and realize you’re supposed to *root* for Jose Abreu.
  4. @ron883 don’t you owe Jose Abreu FOUR YEARS worth of apologies for the personal attacks, constant undermining of his abilities, weekly threads questioning his status, and other bullshit you’ve been 1000% wrong about and yet foisted on the board over and over and over and over again?
  5. I’m ready to get pelted, but would Zavala on offense/defense really be better than Mercedes as a catcher?
  6. Dylan Cease vs. Bailey Ober LET’S GO!
  7. Greg Hibbard

    White Sox @ Tigers - 7/4/21- Game Thread

    I guess so. All rotations go through a stretch like this. The bullpen might be fixable by acquisition. Yes, these are all valid concerns - but we did a 98 win clip for the first half of the season with many starters out and despite the power outage from some of those guys. The strangest thing to me right now is reading knee jerk reactions on a daily basis here. It’s seems like the goalposts of everyone’s expectations of this team have just moved in such an irrational direction over the course of this year. Did anyone really have this team competing for a World Series after Eloy went down? How about even before he went down? I seem to remember a lot of folks were in the “not this year camp”, or thinking we were an 80 something win team. Yet it seems like simultaneously everyone now thinks we are this established WS contender but also feels that once we have a bad stretch of a few games it’s time to jump straight off a bridge. Why? To take it one step further, I wonder - does only one team have a great year, the eventual World Series winner? Or is it possible that the White Sox are having a very good year but maybe don’t win the World Series, but still win 95 games and still go deep in the playoffs. Is that acceptable, or do 29 teams disappoint every season? I suppose what I’m saying is that all things considered this team has been very good and resilient this year and I wish I felt like the board had more faith in it.
  8. Greg Hibbard

    White Sox @ Tigers - 7/4/21- Game Thread

    I guess I’m not really too bothered by what I’m seeing since we are fielding such a AAA lineup right now. We will be a much better team when we get everyone back healthy.
  9. Greg Hibbard

    GT 7/3 White Sox @ Detroit Keuchel v. Skubal 3:10 PM CT

    That was a strange play.
  10. Greg Hibbard

    GT 7/3 White Sox @ Detroit Keuchel v. Skubal 3:10 PM CT

    Bad game for the Sox all around, which happens to every major league team against any given opponent. I expect them to shake it off and come out ready tomorrow but I also expect the usual hand wringing here and wonder if the same people who say winning all your games against the Tigers is meaningless will simultaneously say you can’t lose any games to the Tigers…
  11. Greg Hibbard

    GT 7/3 White Sox @ Detroit Keuchel v. Skubal 3:10 PM CT

  12. Greg Hibbard

    GT 7/3 White Sox @ Detroit Keuchel v. Skubal 3:10 PM CT

    I’m sure Ron will come up with some way that that play was actually Abreu’s fault.
  13. Greg Hibbard


    No, it’s not happening quite often lately. After he was beaned in the kneecap, Jose had a slash line of .333/.538/.667/1.205 over 3 games In the Minnesota series before going 0/5 tonight, but please don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative to destroy Abreu by any means necessary. You honestly sicken me with your agenda.
  14. Greg Hibbard


    Every team, even good ones, have something like a 1-7 stretch. But the good teams respond by going 4-0 and getting back on track.
  15. Greg Hibbard

    GT 7/1 Twins @ White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    Hahaha Donaldson is on tilt