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  1. earthshiner

    2012-2013 Sox off season Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (Cali @ Feb 7, 2013 -> 04:29 PM) Nowhere else to put this but here: Randomly was on MLB.com and saw a link to this video of Big Frank's first Grand Slam http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_...5589557&v=3 And my first thought, besides the awesome hair, is how AWFUL the stadium used to look. My God that place was hideous when it first opened. Just stale and bland. Especially the Upper Deck. The place looked outdated before Camden even opened and showed us what new stadiums should look like for the next 20 years. Such Chicago luck. If only Baltimore struck a deal first or the Sox had had different leasing options on Old Comiskey. looks like 3 future Sox on the field as well. Jackson, Junior, and Omar.
  2. earthshiner

    Sox claim Zach Stewart...

    http://www.rotoworld.com/player/mlb/647/player I saw his name in the wbc email about which sox are going. Confused me for a while.
  3. earthshiner

    Sox claim Zach Stewart...

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jan 24, 2013 -> 05:00 PM) Paco Martin he was Pablo Ozuna before he was cool
  4. earthshiner

    Sox claim Zach Stewart...

    first Wise was brought back, then Andy Gonzalez, now Stewart. Who's next? Danny Richar?
  5. earthshiner


    I moved and I haven't seen a game in a month. Are they all going with the stache look?
  6. earthshiner

    De Aza to DL, Danks Recalled

    I've missed a lot lately, what's up with De Aza?
  7. earthshiner

    GT 8/16: CHW @ TOR, 6:07pm CT

    I think you have to list all players on the active roster There is something horribly familiar about wise leading off in center
  8. earthshiner

    2012 White Sox Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Aug 16, 2012 -> 01:38 AM) Eh, 19 starts in 2003 and 2004, 5 of which were actually quality starts. Since 2003, the Sox have played 1574 regular season games, and I don't think one guy who has accounted for 1.2% of those games started is really going to skew that statistic too badly. That guy who wore 56, however, may skew that number juuuuuuuuuuuuuust a bit. I've heard he's good. Really? I thought he had at least almost a full season in 03. I guess when a guy never wins it just feels like more than it was
  9. earthshiner

    2012 White Sox Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 14, 2012 -> 06:04 PM) Richard Justice ‏@richardjustice Don Cooper anyone? White Sox lead MLB with 859 quality starts since start of 2003. Angels have 856. In 2012, Angels have 66, Sox 65. And that includes a year and a half of Danny Wright
  10. earthshiner

    Oakland A's @ Chicago White Sox

    In all my two decades of watching baseball at this stadium I can't recall that ever happening
  11. earthshiner

    The White Sox All-Time Have a Beer with List

    Joe Crede and we would listen to some f***ing journey all night
  12. earthshiner

    GT: Texas Rangers @ Chicago White Sox

    QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Jul 5, 2012 -> 02:59 PM) JQ isn't on there. Someone gets me
  13. earthshiner

    GT: Texas Rangers @ Chicago White Sox

    How do I vote JQ to the AS game?
  14. earthshiner

    Peavy named to All Star Team

    Charlie Sheen tweeted to vote for jake with a link to the mlb page but did not have #takejake. That would have been huge