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  1. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    QUOTE(Gene Honda Civic @ Sep 22, 2007 -> 04:14 PM) Way to raise the level of discourse. First you use the highly original tactic of calling me a Cubs fan, then oh-so cleverly insinuate that I'm a female. I'm sorry I can't get too excited about our slugging AA "MVP" who couldn't out-OPS Chris Getz in the Southern League. With an MVP like that, it's no wonder the Barons were, by far, the worst offense in the SL this season. Which begs the question, how the heck was Collaro named MVP on a team that included one pitcher who ranked 2nd in the league in strikeouts, 2nd in wins, 2nd in K/BB ratio, 3rd in ERA, and 1st in FIP?.. and another who ranked 1st in strikeouts, 2nd in FIP, and 4th in ERA? ... and another who finished 5th in the ERA hunt? I'm all for recognizing good play. So let's recognize it! Jack Egbert had a great season, and he still has a lot to prove. You obviously are confused Gene, hence the cub and female reference. This is ADOPT a prospect, not trash a prospect. You are strangely attracted to a portion of the site where you OBVIOUSLY are not a fan. You must have issues of some sort, just go to the Jack Egbert site and stay away. I've got NO PROBLEM with Egbert or Gio and went to the All Star game, I wish them both the best. MVP must been a very difficult choice, whoever made it. Not my job or inclination to question the decision.
  2. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    Thanks Bama J, actually I'm NOT surprised. Surfed around looking for SOME kind of announcement but if they don't send it, no one gets it !!! The whole White Sox organization seems to suck at making announcements !! Wish more people on this site were as positive as you this year. I would prefer to recognize good play rather than poo poo somebody because they may not be a future big league All Star. JEAN !!! I mean Gene.....
  3. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    Where did you see the Baron's MVP announcement?
  4. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    Hey Gene, why don't you go root for the cubbies or something.......
  5. BB2ZZ

    Six Farmhands Headed to AFL

    Guess there's going to be some laughs in the AFL.........
  6. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    All the negativity around here.... Happy to report TC is doing well in Charlotte, just hit another Monster shot last night !!! Sure is dead lately, bandwagoneers?......
  7. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    Another step up for TC !!!
  8. BB2ZZ

    Adam Ricks promoted to Charlotte

    Lucy got called up to Charlotte today along with another Baron. Sure would be nice to get a press release on moves they make, especially AFTER they make them!!
  9. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    Nice JP, finally someone around here understands this is about people succeeding at every level. Some fools around here think people are trash if they aren't the next Willie Mays. I appreciate the fact that making All Star at AA level is an accomplishement VERY few people achieve. Even without All Star recognition those kids bust their hump to play ball. From what I've seen they practice all afternoon before each game, that sure makes it more of a job to me. Lighten up all you wanna be major league scouts, this is about people as much as it is prospects. TC is a good kid and you probably know he is pals with your boy Schnur......
  10. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

  11. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    ALL STAR !!!! What else can you say?
  12. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    If he did make a full season with those numbers it would prove that HR's and RBI are good enough reasons to stay there. I still don't get why so many people around here jump at every chance to shoot someone down. Why not look at and talk about the good out there, even if it is one play or game at a time? I haven't seen ANY one comment on how much bonus $$$$$ players get compared to how they perform. Isn't that a better gauge ?
  13. BB2ZZ

    6/20 games

    Three shutouts in a row, the offense sucks... Really? You ARE kidding, right? You Dazzled me with your brilliance, please clarify, who blows?
  14. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    Nice comeback Jean.....
  15. BB2ZZ

    AAP: Tom Collaro

    As usual Gene is right, I may have exagerated Daigle's age somewhat but tell me why he was let go after such a productive year? Was it because he couldn't do it at AAA? Gene, in the true spirit of this site, FUTURE SOX, I can understand why you are so critical of ALL aspects of a players game. BUT...... Don't discount TC's accomplishments so easily, look at all the guys in the Southern league and tell me how many have better numbers than TC.... And quit telling me to quit looking at power numbers, thats what sells tickets, not walk to SO ratios.