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    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    A movie has been made about one of our own, the title is perfect!
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  3. Kyyle23

    One Trade Chip for every team

    Blackmon is signed through 2023 with another 54 million coming to him https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/colorado-rockies/charlie-blackmon-9156/
  4. You can't imagine it because it was never possible
  5. Kyyle23


    As always with your posts, poorly informed and factually incorrect
  6. Don't like his style at all. I recognize that he is a hustler in the business, I just don't like it, he laughs way too hard at his own jokes and has a condescending streak in him with callers. Not consistent but it comes out from time to time
  7. Kyyle23

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    No because you know what is gonna happen if we ban him on good terms? He will try and come back I dunno, in the playoffs because he wants to talk Sox. An earned ban doesn't give him any leeway. so instead whine about how us mods won't do him a solid and ban him because he can't log out. Weak sauce
  8. Kyyle23

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    Have some self restraint. I don't understand what the problem is? How come You can't just not post here?
  9. Kyyle23

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    This is weak. If you don't want to post then don't post. It's not our responsibility to ban you because you can't stop contributing. We aren't your parents
  10. I like some podcasts but I prefer the breaking news 24/7 cycle of sports talk. I totally understand why people would move away from sports radio though, it's a weird beast
  11. That Cubs fandom is true, he won't change
  12. Ha, that was both an accident and my brain telling the truth because I really am not a fan of Haugh
  13. Yea Thibs always had the problem of running on fumes when the regular season ended
  14. I love Mully and Hanley and Bernstein (not a big fan of Leila but that can change, she has some audio crutches that she leans on a lot), I'm out when Holmes is in, and back for Parkins and Spiegel. They all have been giving the Sox a lot of time this year
  15. Actually I totally agree with this. I usually get a notification that the Sox hit a homer when a pitcher is getting the sign before the pitch
  16. @bmags it better be the ESPN app
  17. Kyyle23

    Who are the White Sox Rivals?

    Stop gatekeeping stupid bull shit ffs
  18. Kyyle23

    Who are the White Sox Rivals?

    There aren't many cities that have two teams, so our opinion about what a "rival" is probably feels a lot different than someone in another city. It's not the Cubs, it is kind of the Cubs. We aren't fighting for standings, we are fighting for the attention span of the casual fan
  19. Kyyle23

    Sox Win! Congrats TLR on #2 All-time!

    Trap avoided
  20. Kyyle23

    Top 3 starters if playoffs started after Game 60

    How crazy is it that this season flips on him like that, and basically because he is the #1 he gets all of the Sunday starts which are going to be mostly day games. The game will forever be weird and chaotic like that
  21. Kyyle23

    Top 3 starters if playoffs started after Game 60

    Well one thing is Giolito shouldn't be starting a day game if he doesn't have to. Not sure if its just this season or what, but Lucas seems to be a nighttime lights guy
  22. Kyyle23

    What music have you bought lately ?

    Does paying for my monthly streaming count as buying music
  23. Lmao 2006 wasn't a different era