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  1. Thought I'd throw this in here too: https://chicago.suntimes.com/white-sox/2021/5/5/22421934/luis-roberts-injury-shouldnt-have-lingering-effects
  2. What would his treatment (surgery vs. rest) indicate in terms of the type of injury? If no surgery, it means the tear is in the middle of the muscle? And that would be worse.
  3. Well, that was easy. Peavy is player of the game but close second is Bruney. Good job for him to hold them to nothing after struggling last night.
  4. I would say Werth is one guy who I would not trade for Dunn or Rios.
  5. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 25, 2011 -> 04:16 PM) I thought that too. My only guess is that Humber was warming up 15 hours ago. Yeah, I saw that yesterday. I guess I don't know about pitching protocol to comment, but you would think the guy on 5 days rest (despite stretching out a bit yesterday) would be a better bet than the guy scheduled for his side session. It's one thing to throw on the side and another to throw stressful MLB pitches.
  6. Why don't they just bring in Humber and move everyone up a game?
  7. Frankensteiner

    Jenks will Close again

    The thing with Jenks is, if he's not the closer, he's basically pretty much useless. If you don't have confidence in him to get 3 outs at the end of the game with the bases empty, you can't possibly bring him with guys on base in the 7th or 8th like we do with Putz or Thornton. So he's either the closer or another Linebrink. The Sox are a much better team if Jenks can handle closing duties so I can't blame Ozzie for sticking with him. I'm interested to see what Sale can provide us for the stretch run.
  8. Frankensteiner

    Danks and Arbitration

    CCs and Santana's WAR was in the 7s leading up to their FA. Danks is 3.6 now, 2.9 last year, and 5.2 two years ago. I will say there is no way on earth he gets the ridiculous contract numbers thrown around here. Beckett money (4/68) is more realistic and even then I think Beckett is pretty much a better pitcher. So was Lackey.
  9. Frankensteiner

    Danks and Arbitration

    So he's going to get more money than Sabathia and Santana even though those guys were the best pitchers in baseball when they signed their contracts while Danks isn't even in their league? You guys need to slow down.
  10. Frankensteiner

    Danks and Arbitration

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Aug 2, 2010 -> 05:08 PM) Are you prepared to go to 8/$180 million on him? No way on earth is he going to get that much money.
  11. Frankensteiner

    Danks and Arbitration

    Why wouldn't they just re-sign him, especially with Peavy and Buehrle no longer under contract after 2012? They're going to have to pay someone.
  12. Frankensteiner

    Danks and Arbitration

    Pitching numbers are improved across the board for the entire league. So although his numbers this year are his best yet, you have to look at in the context of pitching in 2010. I don't think he quite qualifies as an #1/ace but he's pretty close.
  13. Frankensteiner

    Danks and Arbitration

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Aug 2, 2010 -> 11:26 AM) Will he go for it, is the question? And if he turns down this offer (as he did before, the one Gavin Floyd accepted)...how long would KW wait to deal him? Probably this offseason or in July 2011. Huh? We're going to deal him despite controlling him for 3 more years?
  14. Frankensteiner

    White Sox Acquire Edwin Jackson

    Anyone worried that since his 150 pitch no-hitter Jackson's gotten rocked every time out? I'm not going to treat pitch counts like the end all, but that's a lot of pitches. Reminds me of the time when Dusty or Felipe Alou had Jason Schmidt throw 140+ pitches to get a win only to have him be ineffective for the rest of the season and require surgery later that year.