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  1. I'm sure Liam Hendriks has kept him up to speed on what's being said on here.
  2. Great. Now fake uncle Luis can keep tweeting at everyone who posts a highlight or comment about Yermin to "release him or trade him." I checked out that guy's activity on twitter and he's remarkably consistent and persistent in his tweets from the beginning of July until today.
  3. heirdog

    Trade Deadline Thread

    That might be the "buy now" price today but a week from now, it will be less than that. I don't think the White Sox blink on this one.
  4. Rick, is that you? If you had your druthers, I'm sure you would have released him since he's mired in mediocrity and won't help us compete for multiple championships.
  5. I wonder if that Chicago joint will remove the Yerminator from their menu and replace it with a Burger Burger
  6. Do you mean those people that are able to use google translate and those that are not?!?
  7. I don't think he cares to add accentos to his letters so maybe "el retiro?" is him asking sarcastically if "he retired?" Like he's being passed up for call ups (i.e. Zavala over him when Grandal was hurt) and future is cloudy (sox acquiring his clone is Devy Grillon). Removing all White Sox mentions is the key here...he is probably pissed (whether traded or not).
  8. But they also got Shane Baz (top 100 prospect) and not 2 scrubs (Flete and the other guy). But, agree, I like our haul.
  9. Wasn't he suggesting (tweeting/blogging) Quintana to Pirates for Glasnow or Meadows + another mid-tier prospect? When it was all said and done, they gave up a lot more for Archer a year later. Looking back at it, would we have preferred Glasnow, Meadows and Baz for Quintana instead of Eloy and Cease? I like our return better but I'm biased.
  10. I'd deal Thompson, Sosa and Rutherford for Frazier in a heartbeat.
  11. heirdog

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Will Tim Beckham ever get a shot at 2B on the MLB club? Maybe he will infuse a spark a la Goodwin and be the answer for rest of season at 2B. Leury has been fine but best served as a super utility guy leading up to and through the playoffs. This way, we can focus our assets to acquire a high leverage reliever...or two. Or swing for the fences with Gallo in RF...a lineup with Eloy/Vaughn, Robert and Gallo and then late inning OF w Engel/Hamilton, Robert and Gallo is stacked. If it costs Sheets or Burger ++, I'd do it.
  12. heirdog

    More Moncada hot takez

    Kahnle had control, a live arm and relative youth so if you are talking Burger for someone like that, great. If its for a rental, then forget it.
  13. heirdog

    Astros looking at Scherzer

    White Sox should try and pry Brad Hand. Choices and options for all high leverage situations 9th: Hendriks - Hand 8th: Kopech - Bummer 7th: Heuer - Crochet
  14. heirdog

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Burger is someone you trade in a package for a core piece moving forward. You don't trade him for a rental or a 1.4 year guy who would play out of position next year.
  15. heirdog

    Trevor Story

    What I've deduced is that Maloney isn't a current foodie but is actually just the reincarnation of Orlando. Can we check when Orlando disappeared and when Maloney joined?