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  1. spiderman

    Will Hahn be more active this deadline?

    He's going to make some moves, but, assuming they keep playing at a high level, I don't know that they are going to make any significant moves, especially if there is a chance that they get either Jimenez or Robert back in August. So far, this team appears to have tremendous depth. Engel looks like a starting caliber CF/RF and Vaughn is a top MLB prospect who has found a home in LF. Mendick looks serviceable as well at 2B. It looks like the bullpen can be fortified, but there's still time for a few of these guys to get their stuff together. I really don't think Hahn is going to make a blockbuster though just for the sake of it. This team is loaded and there's really no obvious place, maybe outside of RF to add, but that can be solved by getting Robert back.
  2. spiderman


    Thank you. I guess that was what I was getting at with WAR. If you have a talented team, one player (or even two) won't derail you. Yes, the team is not as good as they could be with Jimenez and Robert, but are they 10-12 games worse (as the WAR would probably indicate vs. their replacements)? If the starting pitching holds up, they will be a 90-95 win still.
  3. spiderman


    Trout puts up the best WAR on a crappy team. Would have a similar WAR on the White Sox?
  4. spiderman


    Thank you! Is that a flaw? If Robert and Jimenez are out and the White Sox still win 90+ games, what does that say for the value of those two players? Clearly, both are highly talented and help the team win, but if the lineup is still 7 deep and the starting rotation / bullpen are amongst the best in the majors, isn't there WAR less compared to if they played for the Tigers or Pirates?
  5. spiderman


    Help me with this.... Robert and Jimenez are worth "x" in terms of Wins Above Replacement (WAR). They are clearly better than the alternative. Saying that, how much does the overall team reflect in WAR? Losing Robert on the Tigers or Pirates is probably more impactful than losing him on the White Sox. When both of these players were lost, obviously, there is fear of a drop-off. However, in a lineup that features Anderson, Abreau, Grandal (even with his batting average), Moncada, Vaughn and Mercedes (so far for him and Vaughn), this is still not an awful lineup despite more plate appearances from Garcia. Anyways, question is, does WAR take into account the team around them, lineup and pitching?
  6. spiderman

    The TLR Manager Thread

    La Russa is doing a poor job, but a lot of the attacks are people like Dan Bernstein who thinks everyone is a racist etc. I think that's the agenda of a lot of these people. These same people used to tell you that managers don't matter.....until now.
  7. Can I split the difference? I could still see them adding another starting pitcher and/or a lefty/DH type, but only on their teams, and on the lower end of the market now. I'd be very surprised if they were to jump in on an elite free agent. Outside of Hendricks, they haven't been willing to spend on those types of players this off-season with Eaton a lower end OF and trading for Lynn (right now, a 1 year deal). They are spending more money than most MLB teams, but for a team this close to the next level, it would be great to see them make one additional significant move, but I think it's more likely they will spend on lower end players and hope they pan out on a 1 year deal.
  8. spiderman

    Offseason Targets

    Trevor Bauer and a left handed bat who can play RF. That's it.
  9. spiderman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Do you realize how dumb (and wrong) it is to let your political leanings impact your feelings on a decision to hire somebody? Not a good argument for you.
  10. spiderman

    Sports Media discussion

    Yes she is. In fact, she is wrong about everything she says. Horrible person and complete idiot.
  11. spiderman

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    This is idiotic. There is no way this is Hahn move. Saying that, I welcome the meltdowns of idiots on the Score like Dan Bernstein who will be calling him a racist, etc. Makes me like the hire to hear those nuts lose their minds. From a White Sox perspective, this is a 100% JR move. They have made a lot of good move to get to this point. There is no way Hahn would have ever landed on La Russa. Clearly not his selection. It may not matter if this team is as good as we expect it to be next season and the manager just needs to not mess things up, but very discouraging to see moves made like this. Makes you wonder what Hahn will be able to do with the team in a year with no revenues coming in.
  12. spiderman

    MLB teams who are most likely to be sellers this Winter

    There's no way they don't attempt to change their lineup. I don't know they are sellers though - I expect that they would want mlb ready talent in return than a rebuild.
  13. spiderman

    #3 Starter for Playoffs

    Are the White Sox going to spend huge money for Bauer? Don't they have to pay Giolioto still also? The current names look really good as well. Clearly, I'd love to sign Bauer, but they have a young rotation of studs and high level potential. I would definitely expect them to add competition (similar to Gio) for the #5 spot though.Insert other media
  14. spiderman

    #3 Starter for Playoffs

    I'd also lean Cease if it's a best of 3. He has great stuff, but not great command. I'd rather use him on a tight leash and hope for 3-4 innings and his stuff to get him through. Dunning seems to be more polished, maybe he's an option to come in early. Either way, the offense will need to be ready and either guy would have to be on a very tight leash.
  15. spiderman

    Stone's Throwing of Shade at Ricky

    I think he's throwing more than shade with those comments.