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  1. I was curious and wanted to find out how our players were doing in this situation because I feel like we have been consistently getting the job done in this situation. The stats back it up. Here are the guys on our team with more than 10 at bats in this situation. What is it that has this team clicking so well? I've been getting that eerie feeling I once had back in 2005. The feeling that we're watching something special happen. Dunn - 8/14 with 3 HR and 17 RBI with an OPS 1.865 De Aza - 9/17 with 1 HR and 20 RBI with an OPS 1.409 AJ - 8/15 with 1 HR and 14 RBI with an OPS 1.326 Alexei - 9/17 with 0 HR and 17 RBI and OPS 1.147 Tank - 5/13 with 1 HR and 8 RBI and OPS 1.145 Beckham - 5/11 with 0 HR and 10 RBI and OPS .930 Konerko - 4/13 with 0 HR and 8 RBI and OPS of .785 (WTF Paulie!?) As a team we are hitting .455 (60/132) and an OPS of 1.129 Heres the rest of the league for comparison our Runner on 3rd, lt 2 out league rankings for the last couple of years: 2011 - 12th in the AL and 22nd in MLB in OPS (.791) 2010 - 6th in AL and 19th in MLB in OPS (.816) 2005 - 1st in AL and 3rd in MLB in OPS (.973)
  2. lukeman89

    Sox @ Indians

    who thinks ozzie should not even play manny but have him just stand in the on deck circle the whole game like he is gonna bat next
  3. lukeman89

    Has Pierre lost a step?

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Aug 5, 2010 -> 01:03 PM) Pierre's definitely slower than 2003, but he's still, at least for now, fast enough to be effective. I have no problem if he's stealing at the right time and sneaking in around the tag; as long as he's still somewhere close to that 75% clip. Today, at least one of his attempts was just plain stupidly timed; stealing 3rd with a guy up batting lefty against a guy with a good fastball and 0 outs? That breaks like every single rule ever written. i bet he was thinking it was such a stupid idea, he would catch them off guard
  4. lukeman89

    Selena Roberts really hates ARod..

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Apr 30, 2009 -> 10:45 AM) Selig won't run him out. But, his teammates are now going to be pissed, especially his former Texas ones. In fact, if he faces any former Texas pitching teammate, I'd be he gets drilled. vicente padilla, consider it done
  5. lukeman89

    sheff hits 500

    congrats to gary sheffield on hitting number 500!
  6. lukeman89

    Manager's nightmare team

    kenny powers
  7. lukeman89

    2005 White Sox DVD

    they have them at my library! along with like, 12 games from the bears 1985 season
  8. lukeman89

    One Man's Timidity Can Set the Tone

    why doesn't javy throw inside more?
  9. lukeman89

    Expanded Instant Replay

    QUOTE (The Beast @ Sep 25, 2008 -> 10:11 PM) No way. If they do full-blown instant replay, I am going to quit my job as an umpire. I could easily be a barista. The human aspect of the game is what makes this game so unique and wonderful. the 'human aspect' argument is bulls*** the human aspect of the game comes from the players
  10. lukeman89

    Friendly competition?

    QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Aug 6, 2008 -> 02:31 PM) Why is he the only player in our lifetime that played so much? miguel tejada, a-rod, michael young, grady sizemore, bobby abreu all of those guys, to name a few, play every day if they are healthy
  11. lukeman89

    8/5 Sox v Tigers: 7:11 CST, CSN

    who remembers this? http://mlb.mlb.com/media/player/mp_tpl_3_1...b_tp350&v=2
  12. lukeman89

    7/31 - White Sox @ Minnesota Twins (7:10pm CSN)

    odds on ozzie getting ejected today? i say 2:1