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    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

  2. southsider2k5

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

  3. southsider2k5

    Rodon and Mazara Non-Tendered

    I think his injury history will stop him from getting to the top end, but there is definitely room above those numbers if he can stay even relatively healthy.
  4. southsider2k5

    "sticky substances"

    This could also end the Indians season.
  5. southsider2k5

    Rodon and Mazara Non-Tendered

    If it were out there, I would absolutely pound a betting line that has Rodon on the DL this season. I would love to see him make it, but I have very little doubt that he will spend some time hurt this season.
  6. southsider2k5

    "sticky substances"

  7. southsider2k5

    Rodon and Mazara Non-Tendered

    To be fair, the Rodon signing thread is WAY more positive.
  8. southsider2k5

    Playoff odds

    Cleveland is 5.5 games back, and currently also the first team out of the wild card standings, so the team has essentially a 5.5 game lead on TWO playoff spots. If somehow Cleveland was to pass the Sox, they would also need to have both Boston (2.5 game lead) and Houston (4 game lead) also pass the White Sox pace for them to not be a playoff team. If both Houston and Boston were to fall off, and Cleveland win the ALC, Toronto is the next team back at 7 games behind the Sox, and it only gets deeper for the trailing teams. As of now it would take a LOT of things not only going back for Chicago, but also going right for at least 3 other teams for the Sox to not make the playoffs.
  9. southsider2k5

    Playoff odds

    Sox playoff odds FG make playoffs 92.3%, Win ALC 89.5%, win WS 11.2% BR make playoffs 99.4%, win ALC 86.3%, win WS 15.5%
  10. southsider2k5

    6/13/21 Games

    I can squint and see him being the guy to eventually replace Leury. If he can respectably cover the premium positions in CF and SS, there is no reason he can't pick up corner OFs and other IF spots.
  11. southsider2k5

    White Sox Winner!

    Dylan Cease vs Detroit 8-0 Dylan Cease vs everyone else 6-13
  12. southsider2k5

    Is Leury's time almost up

  13. southsider2k5

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

    Say it with me... DE-TROIT SUCKS! DE-TROIT SUCKS!
  14. southsider2k5

    Will Hahn be more active this deadline?

    It also got us Adam Eaton.
  15. southsider2k5

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

    Last I knew they had a set up with lots of camera angles at Sox Park and that is where they call the games from.
  16. southsider2k5

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/12 3:10 ct

  17. southsider2k5

    Has Umpiring Gotten Worse Since Replay?

    Go back and watch the trike zone that Greg Maddux got back in the day. Check out the strike zone in the El Duque Marlins game where he struck out about 15 guys. Call me crazy but I think it is better today because of technology, but with things like the strike zone box, it is easier for a fan to notice a bad call
  18. southsider2k5

    Dickman: That's Danny Mendick

    We have done a great job of turning late round picks into usable players in recent years . Mendick, Engel, Foster etc are probably 10 million worth of players on the open market.
  19. southsider2k5

    Will Hahn be more active this deadline?

    I will say this much. After a relatively cheap winter, and 100% capacity coming up, this team should have the monetary resources to acquire some contracts and not waste prospects wherever possible.
  20. southsider2k5

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/11 6:10 cst

  21. With the late start, they go through Sept 19, at least in Charlotte.
  22. southsider2k5

    Market/Financial Thread

    It also HASN'T changed in the last two years, so an apples to apples comparison of before and after the pandemic start date is a valid one.