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  1. Does anything the Cubs do make sense? They signed Dempster for 52mil for cryin out loud.
  2. Dan

    Official 2008-2009 NHL Thread

    QUOTE (Tony82087 @ Nov 16, 2008 -> 07:18 PM) Sopel is such a f***ing waste of space. His ass should have been waived yesterday. He's not eligible for waivers. What a dumb move it was to sign that guy last season.
  3. Dan

    Official 2008-2009 NHL Thread

    Jeff Hamilton is rippin' it up for the Wolves. I have always been a fan of the guy and thought it was a mistake to let him go.
  4. Dan

    Hey Ozzie

    this thread does not deliver
  5. QUOTE (Brian @ Sep 30, 2008 -> 08:00 PM) They're just the "Gays" now. Im aware of that but then nobody would have gotten the joke. In other news, Joe Maddon has metro sexual glasses and doesn't belong in baseball.
  6. Outlook: Updated Jul. 27: White Sox acquired RHP Michael Dubee from the Phillies for second baseman Tadahito Iguchi. A very disappointing return for the White Sox, who must have wanted to go to Danny Richar pretty badly. Dubee had a 3.88 ERA and a 54/22 K/BB ratio in 55 2/3 innings of relief for low Single-A Lakewood. The White Sox would have been a lot better off getting draft picks in return for Iguchi, but that wasn't possible, as they were going to be prevented from offering him arbitration. Idiot move.
  7. Dan

    Official NHL Thread

    Checkin in on my hockey people. Since i last posted, the Chicago Hounds have indeed folded, a Stanley Cup was won and a s*** ton of trades are happening. Hopefully Kane can live up to the hype. His size is of some concern but if he made it through the OHL, I think he should be OK. Just one more reason why David Koci deserves the body guard position all of next year.
  8. Good to see Erstad at 1B again.
  9. thank heaven fo' 7-11 b****es
  10. Dan

    Official NHL Thread

    It should be a fun Cup Series to watch. Oh and f*** NBC for not showing overtimes. Thats like watching a porno and having it cut out before the money $hot.
  11. I will be getting this one for shizzle.
  12. QUOTE(santo=dorf @ May 21, 2007 -> 09:58 PM) ..and even with his night full of singles, his OBP remains at .335. But hey, if bumping month old threads gives you that funny feeling, more power to you. In case you haven't noticed, he's on a 6 game hit streak, chief.
  13. QUOTE(knightni @ May 21, 2007 -> 09:47 PM) The Palmiero story is true. i was laughing because you said Gold gloves are a made-up award by the media.