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  1. wolves01

    The Cleveland Guardians

    Should have went with this
  2. wolves01


    Summerfest is in September this year.
  3. wolves01


    Paulie's (ironic) in West Allis about 2.5 miles from the park. https://www.pauliespubandeatery.com/home.php
  4. wolves01

    Bummer, Marshall to IL; Kopech back, Fry up

    What's the record for hamstring injuries by a team in a season?
  5. Thanks for trading a bobblehead for the shirt.  I'm in Crystal Lake, where do you live?

    I think the next games I'm going to are 7/20 and 7/31 if you will be at either.



  6. I have an XL basketball jersey from the 6/26 game. Never worn. Would be willing to trade for Lucas Giolito X Wing Fighter bobblehead that will be given out 6/27
  7. wolves01

    The Show

    My curiosity was up and TA was on the cover, so I bought RBI Baseball. What a joke. It's now a beer coaster. Can't wait for the Show to come out and play it on the PS5
  8. wolves01

    Backup Catcher

    I'd like to see Zach Collins get a shot. Don't think the kid has really had a full look yet
  9. I got the same response. I would imagine they would have carpal tunnel if they wrote an individual reply to each one
  10. wolves01

    I don't think we'll see a game until Saturday

    Pretty good chance of rain tomorrow night, so it may have been PPD anyway
  11. wolves01

    Replay of No Hitter?

    It's on NBC Sports Plus right now. Channel 201 here on Comacst
  12. wolves01

    COVEY DFA-ed - Signed by TB

    I'll bring the party dip! Hope to never see him in a Sox uniform again.
  13. Thank God we should never see Dylan Covey start another game for the Sox. If he does, a disaster has occurred.
  14. wolves01

    Parking For Day/Night Doubleheader

    Going back about 10 years ago I caught both games of a day-night DH. They didn't make us leave the lot, but we were suppose to pay another parking fee. They used different colored tickets for game two. A guy came around to check. However, I already had a bunch on my dash from previous games so it appeared to him that I paid for the 2nd game. I'd be interested to hear how it turns out
  15. wolves01

    Weekday tailgating

    We tailgate usually 3 hours before the game starts. Weekdays included. Thankfully our first game this year is Saturday. Looking good.